How much 4G and 5G costs internationally

Point Topic has released its 4G/5G Tariffs report for Q3 2019, which compares the average monthly subscription charges and data allowances offered by mobile broadband providers.

The report showed that the average monthly charge for residential 4G/5G data services varied between:

  • $18.94 (R277) in Spain
  • $54.98 (R804) in Greece

Greece offered the highest-priced products in Q3 2019, having overtaken Cyprus for the second time – which has ranked highest every quarter since Q1 2017.

4G tariffs

The chart below provides a comparison of LTE prices across Europe. All prices are quoted in US dollars at PPP (purchasing power parity) rates to allow for easier comparison.

As stated previously, Spain was the cheapest.

Average monthly data allowance

The average monthly data allowances range from 600GB in Finland to very low amounts in Spain, Slovakia, and Greece.

Finland stands out in terms of the highest average data allowance, as all mobile operators in this country offer unlimited 4G and 5G data volumes.

Finland’s uncapped 4G and 5G products place their mobile broadband services in direct competition with fixed broadband.

Cost per GB

The average cost per GB gives a good overview of the best value for money for subscribers, and in certain instances a low average monthly charge comes with a high data cap.

For example, this quarter Switzerland, Denmark, and the Netherlands stand out as being at the high end of data allowances but at the low end of monthly charges.

The average cost per GB of data in these countries is therefore amongst the lowest in Europe.

In Cyprus and Greece, on the other hand, users pay a high monthly price for low data allowance.

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How much 4G and 5G costs internationally