South African ISP rankings – Good news for Cool Ideas and Afrihost, but bad news for Rain

MyBroadband has released its Q3 2020 broadband and ISP report, which shows that Cool Ideas, Afrihost, and Vox are the top-rated Internet service providers (ISPs) in South Africa.

The report is based on thousands of customer satisfaction ratings from South African broadband users between 1 July and 30 September 2020.

These customer satisfaction ratings are collected through MyBroadband’s web-based, Android, and iOS speed test apps.

After a user performs a speed test on these platforms, they are asked to rate their ISP based on their overall satisfaction with the service.

These customer satisfaction ratings are then processed to produce a score out of 10 for each ISP. The higher the score, the better the service provider.

To ensure accurate results, MyBroadband’s new ranking methodology puts a higher weight on mobile app data.

Cool Ideas received the highest average ranking of 7.88, followed by Afrihost on 7.54, and Vox on 7.37.

On the other end of the scale, Rain was the worst-rated service provider with an average score of 5.29.

The table below shows the average customer satisfaction score of the largest ISPs in South Africa.

ISP Rankings
ISP Rating
Cool Ideas 7.88
Afrihost 7.54
Vox 7.37
MTN 7.35
Webafrica 7.18
Supersonic 6.94
Axxess 6.93
Vodacom 6.85
Internet Solutions 6.57
MWEB 6.40
Liquid Telecom 6.24
Cell C 6.17
HeroTel 6.13
Telkom 5.32
Rain 5.29

Smaller ISPs

To ensure accurate results, the report only lists ISPs which received a significant number of votes over the testing period.

Many prominent ISPs did not receive enough votes to be included in the report, but their average scores remain of interest.

The table below shows the average scores of smaller ISPs. It should be noted that this information should not be compared to the list above and cannot be used for any brand claims.

Smaller ISP Scores
ISP Rating
Seacom 8.74
Cybersmart 8.58
Mind the Speed 8.42
CipherWave 8.20
Level-7 7.52
Rocketnet 7.44
Home Connect 7.32
Ikeja 7.27
Metrofibre Networx 7.20
Wirulink 6.73
Amobia 6.18
Letabanetworks 6.13
Accelerit 6.00
Jenny Internet 5.20
Screamer Telecommunications 4.92

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South African ISP rankings – Good news for Cool Ideas and Afrihost, but bad news for Rain