South African ISPs ranked on value, network quality, and support

A recent MyBroadband survey showed that Cool Ideas and Afrihost are the top Internet service providers (ISPs) in South Africa.

The survey was completed by 3,177 IT professionals and tech-savvy consumers between Thursday 29 October and Monday 2 November 2020.

The respondents rated their ISP on three components of their broadband service – value for money, network quality, and support and billing.

The survey results showed that Cool Ideas had the highest average score thanks to a particularly strong performance in network quality.

Cool Ideas has been dominating the South African ISP rankings in 2020, and its excellent performance was confirmed in the latest survey.

Afrihost was ranked second because of a strong performance in all categories, followed by RSAWEB with an equally balanced performance.

Afrihost’s good rating across all measurements should not come as a surprise. CEO Gian Visser told MyBroadband they focussed on many different aspects related to customer experience, including their network, their support channels, the Afrihost app, and their backend systems.

On the other end of the scale, Rain finished last because of poor performance in network quality and support.

Rain’s poor ranking is not unexpected. It has struggled with network congestion since the lockdown started, and its support channels could not cope with the influx of complaints.

Rain is aware of its challenges, and its CEO Willem Roos told MyBroadband they are working to resolve their subscribers’ concerns.

He said Rain continues to add significant capacity to its network and as such, they are confident that users will continue to have an acceptable experience.

Roos said their incredible growth and the COVID-19 lockdown pandemic have caused challenges in delivering good customer service.

To address this issue, Rain is appointing more than 130 staff in its customer service centre, with plans to increase this further.

Results summary

The table below provides an overview of the feedback from consumers about their Internet service providers.

South African ISP Rankings
ISP Value for Money Network Quality Support Average
Cool Ideas 7.93 8.35 7.89 8.06
Afrihost 7.65 7.84 7.96 7.82
RSAWEB 7.84 7.84 7.64 7.77
Vox 7.35 7.86 7.73 7.64
Axxess 7.28 7.56 7.59 7.48
Cybersmart 8.08 7.67 6.58 7.44
MTN 7.15 7.66 6.93 7.25
MWEB 7.25 7.30 7.17 7.24
Vodacom 6.77 7.33 6.94 7.01
Cell C 7.18 6.86 6.75 6.93
Supersonic 7.48 7.33 5.93 6.91
Webafrica 7.12 7.38 6.04 6.85
Telkom 7.19 6.50 6.03 6.57
Rain 7.96 5.36 5.64 6.32

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South African ISPs ranked on value, network quality, and support