Top Internet speed tests in SA: October 2011

There is not much that makes a techie happier than fast Internet speeds. Fast Internet speeds means faster torrent downloads (for those Linux distros, of course!).

It is no secret that network administration departments at telecoms companies often have a computer – typically with a few terabytes of storage space – which is plugged straight into the core network to test the network.

Sometimes these network geeks would like to show off, and there is no better way than doing a online speed test.

According to Ookla’s October 2011 data the highest download result was 761,698kbps from Afrihost, followed by 711,669kbps from Vodacom.

To put this speed in perspective, it will take the Afrihost guys only 7 seconds to download a full length movie which is compressed to 700MB.

However, it is not only Afrihost and Vodacom which can hit hundreds of Mbps. Guys from MTN, Neotel and Rand Afrikaans University all did speed tests last month which exceeded 500Mbps.

The following table shows the highest South African results for October 2011.

ISP Name Download (kbps) Upload (kbps) Latency (ms) Server host
Afrihost 761698 171531 8 MWEB Connect
Vodacom 711669 202709 1 Vodacom
Vodacom 705456 204357 1 Vodacom
Vodacom 658210 205067 1 Vodacom
Rand Afrikaans University 577984 69518 4 MWEB Connect
MTN 569928 185442 16 MTN Business
Vodacom 559530 198881 1 Vodacom
Neotel 554236 19039 0 MTN Business
Afrihost 544646 239333 12 MTN Business
Rand Afrikaans University 537725 98695 4 MWEB Connect

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Top Internet speed tests in SA: October 2011