20Mbps for R499 claim from prominent ISP is misleading – Advertising regulator

The Advertising Regulatory Board (ARB) has ruled that Level 7 Wireless’ claim of offering “20Mbps unlimited Internet starting from R499” is misleading.

Level 7 Wireless was advertising its broadband products through Instagram with the wording “Kry 20Mbps Onbeperkte Internet. Begin vanaf R499 p/m”.

Sean Freimond lodged a complaint with the ARB, saying the cheapest cost for a 20Mbps service was actually R799 per month.

“The only package available for R499 is 3Mbps Internet and this renders the advertising misleading,” Freimond said.

Level 7 Wireless responded saying its advertising is not misleading and adheres to the advertising code.

It said its advertising states that it has internet speeds of up to 20Mbps, and that its packages start from R499 per month.

“This is an acceptable advertising technique to show consumers the speed availability at the lowest price point,” they said.

It added that the advertisement clearly states that “terms and conditions apply” and that the final price of the package is determined by various factors.

“Clicking through the advertisement would take a consumer to the website where transparent pricing information is provided,” Level 7 Wireless said.

The ARB said it visited the Level 7 Wireless website which does indeed provide details about its Internet products. There were, however, no 20Mbps service for R499.

“The Instagram advertisement undoubtedly creates the impression that unlimited wireless Internet at speeds of 20Mbps is available from R499 per month,” it said.

The large wording “Get 20Mbps unlimited Internet starting from R499 per month” on its own can be read to mean that either fibre or wireless Internet is available for R499.

“This is not the case. The website indicates that unlimited wireless Internet at speeds of 20Mbps in fact starts at R1,999 per month,” the ARB said.

Even with the disclaimer that terms and conditions apply, this does not negate the clearly misleading information, the ARB said.

The ARB subsequently ruled the advertisement was misleading and should be withdrawn with immediate effect.

Level-7 told MyBroadband the advert was removed upon the first correspondence with the ARB.

“Our advertising agency immediately rectified the advert,” the ISP said.

“We decided to behave as a responsible company and adjust the ad to not cause anymore misunderstanding,” it added.

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Level 7 20Mbps Wireless Products

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Level 7 20Mbps fibre products
Level 7 20Mbps fibre products

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20Mbps for R499 claim from prominent ISP is misleading – Advertising regulator