Fixed-LTE price war in South Africa — with prices starting at R59

Over the last year, South African mobile operators have slashed the price of their 4G and 5G fixed-wireless products, which now offer an affordable alternative to fibre and DSL.

Fibre and DSL remain the preferred options for uncapped, high bandwidth applications like Netflix streaming or large downloads.

However, there is a challenge — not all households and businesses can get fibre, and not everyone can afford uncapped broadband.

The good news is that advances in mobile network technologies have made fixed-wireless connectivity faster and more affordable.

Fixed-LTE speeds are now higher than ADSL, while 5G speeds exceed the performance of most fibre-to-the-home and fibre-to-the-business products.

On the back of network upgrades, Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, Telkom, and Rain have all launched fixed-wireless products.

Competition in the fixed-LTE market has led to a price war which has caused data prices to plummet to below R1 per gigabyte.

Rain and Telkom have also launched affordable uncapped products to serve bandwidth-hungry users.

Price cuts continued in 2021 with many promotional offers on fixed-LTE and 5G products.

Rain specials

Rain recently reduced the price of its unlimited home 5G standard product from R699 to R479 per month for the first three months.

It has also cut the price of its unlimited home 5G premium product from R999 to R699 per month for the first three months.

Cell C launched new Home Connecta LTE plans in November 2020 with prices starting at R59 for 5GB anytime data and 5GB after-hours data.

Cell C’s Home Connecta LTE service is offered over its own and MTN’s network depending on coverage.

This year Cell C launched a prepaid version of this product, Home Connecta Flexi, with prices that mirror the contract version.

Cell C said its Home Connecta products are aimed at delivering a broad range of competitively priced connectivity products to consumers.

“With speeds of up to 150Mbps in optimum network and coverage conditions, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better connection for your home,” Cell C said.

This month Telkom’s “Big Deal” is an LTE product that offers subscribers 40GB anytime data and 40GB after-hours data for R199 per month.

Best 4G and 5G deals in South Africa

With so many new 4G and 5G products launched over the last year, it raises the question — where consumers can get the best deals?

The table below provides an overview of the fixed-wireless products available in South Africa from major operators.

5GB to 15GB
ISP Anytime Data After-Hours Data Monthly Price
Cell C 5GB 5GB R59
Telkom 5GB 5GB R59
Telkom 10GB 10GB R99
Vodacom 10GB 10GB R149
Cell C 15GB 15GB R149
20GB to 50GB
Cell C 25GB 25GB R179
Cell C 50GB 50GB R199
MTN 50GB 50GB R199
Telkom 40GB 40GB R199*
Vodacom 40GB 20GB R249
60GB to 100GB
MTN 75GB 75GB R299
Vodacom 60GB 30GB R299
Telkom 60GB 60GB R348
Cell C 100GB 100GB R389
Telkom 70GB 70GB R399
Telkom 90GB 90GB R499
110GB to 2500GB
MTN 110GB 110GB R399
MTN 250GB 250GB R599
Cell C 200GB 200GB R699
Telkom 120GB 120GB R699
Cell C 1TB R899
MTN 1TB R959
Rain 4G Uncapped R479
Rain 5G (standard) Uncapped R479*
Rain 5G (premium) Uncapped R699*
Telkom Uncapped R849
Supersonic Uncapped R999
*Promotional offer

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Fixed-LTE price war in South Africa — with prices starting at R59