8ta 60GB+60GB promo: all the details

Subscribers with 8ta SIM cards provisioned to work only on the 8ta network reported that a new option had become available on the data bundle purchase menu, advertising a 60GB+60GB package for R1,800.

The mobile operator refused to answer questions about the promo, but has now issued a press release with details:

  • The data is valid for 12 months and the full 120GB is allocated up-front.
  • 60GB is available for “anytime use”, while the other 60GB is for use between midnight and 5am (00:00-05:00).
  • This promotion only works on the 8ta network and requires that SIM cards be specially provisioned that way.
  • It will be sold for a limited period, but 8ta promised to give sufficient notice prior to the expiry of the promotion.
  • Users will be migrated to the normal pre-paid per second billing rate plan when the promotion expires.
  • No modems are bundled with the promotion.

The full press release is below:

Mobile operator 8·ta has launched a once-off Internet bundle priced at R 1800 for 120GB which consists of a 60GB package for anytime use, as well as a 60GB Midnight Surfer bundle for use between 12am and 5am, which is valid for 12 months.

“This offer was launched as a result of requests from numerous subscribers for larger bundles that could be used over a longer period of time, which will suit students as well as heavy Internet users who want to control their spending or do not yet qualify for monthly contracts,” says Maharaj.

Maharaj says this offer is unique in that it gives users the freedom to choose how and when they access the Internet. “All the data will be allocated upfront giving users full control of their data usage meaning that they could use it all in one month or manage their usage over the 12 months. There is no restriction on the number of data bundles users can purchase,” he says.

The prepaid promotion is only available on the 8·ta network and offers high-end data users the low per megabyte price of 1.5 cents, provided they are situated within the 8·ta coverage map. There is general coverage in the 6 major metropolitan areas.  Consumers can have a look at the 8.ta map to see if there is coverage in their areas at http://www.8ta.com/coverage/8tanetwork

Pre-paid customers who purchase this offer will enjoy the following value added services:

  • Free 8.ta email account with 5GB mailbox giving users access to 25GB online storage.
  • Free access to online Microsoft Office suite, which includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Send 5 SMSs daily and receive 50 FREE SMSs to use on that day

“8·ta also provides users with a ‘safety net’ to check their balances on the self-service portal and via USSD and make out of bundle purchase decisions in real-time, using the redirect functionality.

“Once a subscriber has been provisioned with the Pre-paid PSB Data promo rate plan, they can load airtime onto their SIM cards and then purchase the Once-Off Internet 60GB promo bundle at R1800 via USSD by dialling *180#,” says Maharaj.

This Bundle will be sold for a limited period only. Sufficient notice will be provided prior to the expiry of the promotion, upon which users will be migrated to the normal Pre-paid PSB rate plan.

“No modems are bundled with the promotion offers and customers will have the freedom to use existing modems or buy a modem that suits their needs. Data modems with up to speeds of 7.2Mb per second and 21Mb per second will be available in store. Users will receive free call-out and support services with every purchase of a 3G data modem,” Maharaj adds.

All participating Telkom Direct Stores, 8.ta Flagship stores, Altech Auto Page and Nashua Mobile can activate the SIM card for access to the Pre-Paid PSB data promo rate plan immediately.

Existing Pre-paid Per Second Billing (PSB) and Per Minute Billing users will have to contact the 8.ta call centre on 081180 or 081183 to convert to the pre-paid PSB Data Promo Rate plan first to get access to purchase the Once-Off Internet 60GB Promo bundle.

Customers can also purchase and RICA their SIMs from any of 8.ta’s channels then call 081180 or 081183 to convert to the pre-paid PSB Data Promo Rate plan first giving them access to the Once-Off Internet 60GB Promo bundle.

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8ta 60GB+60GB promo: all the details