Satellite broadband pricing comparison

Vox Telecom is planning to launch its YahClick satellite broadband service aimed at consumers and businesses in rural areas.

Vox Telecom has partnered with Al Yah Satellite Communications Company PJSC (Yahsat) to provide satellite services to a wide range of “remote site” areas in both rural and urban environments around the country.

Vox Telcom’s new satellite broadband service will compete directly against Telkom’s SpaceStream Express product, Liquid Telecom’s broadband satellite offerings, and SkyeMax’s satellite service.

Vox Telecom punts the fact that their satellite service will be significantly cheaper than existing offerings, and we put their claim to the test in a simple pricing comparison.

The table below compares Vox Telecom’s broadband satellite pricing on some of the prominent packages with offerings from Liquid Telecom and Telkom.

SA satellite broadband prices
Service Downlink speed Monthly cap Installation Monthly cost
Vox Satellite Broadband 512kbps 3GB (100MB per day) R7,500 R261
Telkom SpaceStream Express 512kbps 3GB R3,100 R565
Liquid Telecom 512kbps Uncapped* R10,000 R798
SkyeMax (Skyevine) 4096kbps 1GB R8,638 R855
Vox Satellite Broadband 2Mbps 7.5GB (250MB per day) R7,500 R747
Liquid Telecom 2Mbps 1GB R10,000 R1,265
Vox Satellite Broadband 5Mbps 15GB (500MB per day) R7,500 R1,188
Liquid Telecom 2Mbps 10GB R10,000 R3,340
* heavily shaped with no access to bandwidth intensive services such as YouTube, Online Games, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and Peer-to-peer downloads

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Satellite broadband pricing comparison