Afrihost’s plans for 2022

Afrihost expects 2022 to see the fibre industry focus more on the lower-income markets in South Africa, and it plans to highlight several of its offerings that were launched late last year.

The Internet service provider (ISP) told MyBroadband that it plans to continue its focus on fibre and LTE by maintaining efficient customer support and client services.

It also said it wants to focus more on providing competitive mobile offerings.

The ISP said that, when it comes to fibre, it expects fibre network operators (FNO) to focus more on lower-income neighbourhoods.

These FNOs include Frogfoot Air, Openserve Web Connect, and Vuma Reach.

Afrihost also expects the FNOs to introduce prepaid fibre offerings in these markets in 2022.

This year, the services it wants to highlight include its new Air Mobile packages and its uncapped LTE offerings.

These services, as well as Afrihost’s fibre offerings for lower-income markets, are summarised below.

Air Mobile packages

Afrihost unveiled new pricing for its Air Mobile data packages in December, cutting the price of its 1GB prepaid bundle from R69 to R30.

In addition to the price reduction for the 1GB package, Afrihost also dropped the price of its 2GB, 3GB, and 5GB bundles to R60, R90, and R100, respectively.

The ISP also added several larger packages up to 100GB and slashed prices for its monthly offerings.

The changes took effect on 1 January 2022, and Afrihost said that “all Air Mobile Monthly packages will receive three times more data, at no additional cost”.

Afrihost’s Air Mobile offerings are summarised below.

Afrihost Air Mobile
Data Price
100MB R10.00
250MB R20.00
500MB R25.00
1GB R30.00
2GB R60.00
3GB R90.00
5GB R100.00
7GB R130.00
10GB R150.00
15GB R220.00
20GB R250.00
30GB R350.00
40GB R450.00
50GB R500.00
100GB R1,000.00


Afrihost offers fixed-LTE packages on MTN and Telkom’s networks, and its uncapped plans cost R949.00 and R997.00, respectively.

The plans are all subject to fair usage policies.

On Telkom’s network, Afrihost’s uncapped packages allow for 250GB of data usage at 10Mbps, after which speeds drop to 4Mbps for 50GB, and eventually slowing to 2Mbps.

Afrihost’s Pure LTE offerings, on MTN’s network, offer unlimited speeds until subscribers hit a 1TB threshold, after which speeds drop to 2Mbps.

Afrihost’s fixed-LTE offerings are summarised below.

Afrihost fixed-LTE
Data allocation* Pure LTE (MTN) Telkom LTE
5GB R49.00
20GB R199.00
40GB R199.00 R219.00
60GB R319.00
90GB R349.00 R429.00
130GB R539.00
180GB R699.00
200GB R549.00
220GB R799.00
300GB R999.00
400GB R749.00
Uncapped R949.00 R997.00

*Each package comes with double data allocation for use between the hours of 00:00 and 06:00

Afrihost’s Vuma Reach, Frogfoot Air, and Openserve Web Connect packages

Afrihost offers fibre packages on the Vuma Reach, Frogfoot Air, and Openserve Web Connect networks aimed at the lower-income markets.

Customers in these markets can get 10Mbps fibre connectivity from R297 a month.

The asymmetrical packages’ download speeds range from 10Mbps to 40Mbps, while upload speeds range from 1Mbps to 10Mbps.

Those looking for a faster connection can sign up for the Vuma Reach package with a download speed of 40Mbps and upload of 10Mbps for R529 a month.

Afrihost’s fibre packages on the Frogfoot Air, Openserve Web Connect, and Vuma Reach networks are detailed below.

Afrihost fibre
Fibre network operator Download Upload Price
Frogfoot Air 10Mbps 1Mbps R297
20Mbps 2Mbps R447
Openserve Web Connect 10Mbps 5Mbps R329
20Mbps 10Mbps R389
Vuma Reach 20Mbps 10Mbps R399
40Mbps 10Mbps R529

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Afrihost’s plans for 2022