SA’s Internet speeds: Good and bad news

The Q3 2011 Akamai State of the Internet report shows that South Africa’s average Internet connection speed continues to increase.

This good news is however spoilt by the fact that South Africa is lagging well behind global broadband standards.

According to the Akamai report, which is based on data gathered from the Akamai Internet Platform, the global average connection speed continued to increase in the third quarter of 2011, climbing 4.5% to 2.7Mbps.

South Korea maintained the highest average connection speed, at 16.7Mbps, followed by Hong Kong (10.5Mbps) and Japan (8.9Mbps).

South Africa’s average Internet connection speed, in comparison, is 1.6Mbps – well below global standards.

The following table shows the average measured connection speed by country.

Average Measured Connection Speed by Country
Average Measured Connection Speed by Country

South African speeds

South Africa’s Internet average Internet connection speed has been increasing over the last few years, but it is still well below competing economies.

Looking at the average connection speeds of other BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), South Africa only performs better than India.

Average connection speed
Average BRICS connection speed

The situation looks even worse when comparing South Africa to countries such as the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Connection speeds developed world
Connection speeds developed world

It is clear that South Africa’s broadband speeds are well below global standards, and that urgent action is needed to rectify this situation.

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SA’s Internet speeds: Good and bad news