The Ferrari of Internet connections in South Africa pricing compared

Among prominent South African ISPs, RSAWeb and Webafrica offer consumers the most affordable 1 Gbps fibre packages across four of the country’s biggest fibre networks, a MyBroadband analysis shows.

We compared the 1 Gbps fibre products from Afrihost, Axxess, Cool Ideas, Mweb, RSAWeb, and Webafrica across four open-access fibre network operators (FNOs).

The FNOs used for comparison were Vumatel, Octotel, Frogfoot, and MetroFibre.

To simplify the tables below, we ranked according to price and disregarded upload speeds provided it was at least 100Mbps. We also excluded any promotional offerings.

Our results indicated that Webafrica’s 1 Gbps service was the most affordable option on Vumatel’s network at R1,399 per month, followed by Mweb’s package for R50 more at R1,449.

RSAWeb offered the cheapest Vumatel service with a 500Mbps upload speed.

RSAWeb was also the cheapest option on sister company Octotel’s network at R1,375 per month, with Webafrica and Mweb’s offerings following closely at R1,399.

Mweb’s 1Gbps service on Frogfoot had the lowest price of all the packages in this comparison at R1,299 a month.

However, this was also the only service in Frogfoot’s charts with a 100 Mbps upload speed. The rest all offer symmetrical speeds with 1 Gbps uploads.

For R200 more per month, you can get ten times the upload speed from Mweb on Frogfoot.

If only symmetrical packages were considered, Webafrica’s Frogfoot offering was the cheapest among the ISPs compared, coming in at R1,349 per month.

MetroFibre was the most expensive fibre network operator for 1 Gbps on average, closely followed by Vumatel.

MetroFibre’s cheapest 1 Gbps product came from RSAWeb for R1,695 a month, with Webafrica and Mweb’s packages in second place at R1,699.

ISP Download speed (Mbps) Upload speed (Mbps) Price per month
Webafrica 1,000 180 R1,399
Mweb 1,000 200 R1,449
RSAWeb 1,000 200 R1,495
Axxess 1,000 200 R1,495
Afrihost 1,000 200 R1,497
Cool Ideas 1,000 200 R1,499
RSAWeb 1,000 500 R2,095
Cool Ideas 1,000 500 R2,299
Axxess 1,000 500 R2,345
Afrihost 1,000 500 R2,347
ISP Download speed (Mbps) Upload speed (Mbps) Price per month
RSAWeb 1,000 200 R1,375
Webafrica 1,000 100 R1,399
Mweb 1,000 100 R1,399
Axxess 1,000 200 R1,435
Afrihost 1,000 100 R1,447
Cool Ideas 1,000 200 R1,699
ISP Download speed (Mbps) Upload speed (Mbps) Price per month
Mweb 1,000 100 R1,299
Webafrica 1,000 1,000 R1,349
Mweb 1,000 1,000 R1,499
Afrihost 1,000 1,000 R1,574
Axxess 1,000 1,000 R1,595
RSAWeb 1,000 1,000 R1,649
Cool Ideas 1,000 1,000 R1,699
ISP Download speed (Mbps) Upload speed (Mbps) Price per month
RSAWeb 1,000 250 R1,695
Webafrica 1,000 250 R1,699
Mweb 1,000 250 R1,699
Afrihost 1,000 250 R1,797
Cool Ideas 1,000 250 R1,799
Axxess 1,024 250 R1,995

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The Ferrari of Internet connections in South Africa pricing compared