South Africa’s top ISPs ranked

Cool Ideas continued its run as South Africa’s top-rated Internet service provider (ISP), followed by Home Connect, Supersonic, Afrihost, and Axxess.

The report is based on 246,185 speed tests and customer satisfaction ratings collected through the MyBroadband Speedtest app between 1 April 2022 and 31 May 2022.

When users have finished performing a speed test, they can rate their satisfaction with their respective ISP.

These ratings are collected and processed into a customer satisfaction rating, where a high percentage indicates a good customer experience.

This methodology ensures that the ISP ratings are impartially generated directly from consumer votes.

Cool Ideas topped the list of large ISPs with an average customer satisfaction rating of 86%.

Cool Ideas has been dominating the ISP rankings and has won the coveted ISP of the Year award for the last two years.

Home Connect finished second with an average customer satisfaction rating of 78%.

Supersonic shot up the rankings and finished third with an average rating of 75%, followed by Afrihost and Axxess in fourth and fifth place.

A few prominent ISPs recorded too few votes to be included in the main rankings and are shown in the second table.

It should be noted that, because of the low number of votes, the average rating of ISPs in the second table is not necessarily an accurate reflection of their performance.

A few large ISPs preferred not to provide the needed data to be included in the report. Therefore, they could not be listed in this comparison.

Top ISPs in South Africa

The table below provides an overview of the average customer satisfaction ratings of prominent ISPs.

The average speed per ISP is also listed. This information is not used in the ranking and is only provided for the sake of interest.

South African ISP Ratings
ISP Customer Satisfaction Download Speed Upload Speed Latency
Cool Ideas 86% 49.85 Mbps 51.03 Mbps 31.01 ms
Home Connect 78% 43.51 Mbps 45.23 Mbps 26.36 ms
Supersonic 75% 38.03 Mbps 41.39 Mbps 31.26 ms
Afrihost 74% 45.04 Mbps 38.97 Mbps 50.22 ms
Axxess 74% 41.95 Mbps 38.23 Mbps 33.52 ms
MTN 72% 22.64 Mbps 20.79 Mbps 120.32 ms
Internet Solutions 72% 20.23 Mbps 20.68 Mbps 68.18 ms
Webafrica 71% 37.88 Mbps 35.75 Mbps 32.18 ms
Rain 68% 50.57 Mbps 8.98 Mbps 84.78 ms
Cell C 68% 27.41 Mbps 26.37 Mbps 92.16 ms
Vodacom 64% 24.74 Mbps 19.00 Mbps 68.58 ms
MWEB 62% 31.00 Mbps 27.54 Mbps 46.88 ms
Telkom 61% 18.31 Mbps 13.44 Mbps 83.96 ms
South African ISP Ratings – Smaller ISPs
ISP Customer Satisfaction Download Speed Upload Speed Latency
Cybersmart 98% 69.92 Mbps 75.50 Mbps 27.08 ms
Wirulink 96% 23.28 Mbps 17.94 Mbps 58.91 ms
Rocketnet 77% 69.96 Mbps 74.85 Mbps 11.38 ms
Metrofibre 77% 70.13 Mbps 57.65 Mbps 22.61 ms
Airmobile 72% 32.61 Mbps 28.15 Mbps 92.73 ms
Amobia 70% 28.96 Mbps 28.27 Mbps 67.61 ms
Accelerit 62% 33.47 Mbps 37.21 Mbps 24.04 ms
Megasurf 60% 25.63 Mbps 33.36 Mbps 63.09 ms
TRUSC 52% 6.67 Mbps 5.20 Mbps 99.09 ms

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South Africa’s top ISPs ranked