Yahclick affordable satellite broadband: pricing and other details

Vox Telecom has launched its satellite broadband service aimed at providing fast, reliable and affordable broadband to urban and remote areas.

YahClick is made available in South Africa through a partnership between Vox Telecom and Yahsat, which uses proven technology to offer Ka-band satellite services.

“This technology maximises spectral efficiency through frequency re-use. While this sounds rather technical, it means that Yahsat can provide high power, concentrated beams targeted over specific areas with high market potential,” said Vox Telecom.

“The ability to re-use frequencies in different locations enables greater efficiency in the use of the frequency spectrum. The stronger satellite signals require smaller dish sizes and ultimately bring down costs to subscribers,” said Vox Telecom.

Douglas ReedVox Telecom Group Managing Director, said that there is already strong demand for the product. Demand comes from rural communities, businesses, and metropolitan companies looking for a reliable and affordable backup solution.

The service is set to become available in South Africa on 1 August 2012.

Vox Telecom Yahclick products

Vox Telecom is offering four Yahclick service plans: Consumer, Business, Enterprise and Go.

  • Consumer services offer speeds of between 512kbps and 10Mbps with usage limits between 50MB per day and 600MB per day. When a consumer exceeds their daily usage limit, their speed will be limited to 128K downstream and 28K upstream and the user’s traffic will be de-prioritized.
  • Business services offer speeds of between 1Mbps and 15Mbps with usage limits between 350MB per day and 1GB per day. When a business exceeds their daily usage limit, their speed will be limited to 128K downstream and 28K upstream and the user’s traffic will be de-prioritized.
  • Enterprise services offer custom packages aimed at specific enterprise needs. This includes the Mega 3078 service (offering speeds of up to 3Mbps) and a daily data allowance of 1,500 MB. Once the client exceeds the 1,500MB on any day, an unlimited daily rate charge will apply.
  • Yahclick Go is a cost effective and transportable satellite solution.
Users of the new service can expect to see latencies of between 500ms and 600ms, according to Yahsat’s Kevin Viret.


Yahclick’s pricing is very aggressive when compared with competing satellite broadband services. The entry level product offers broadband access at less than R200 per month.

Another advantage is that consumers are only charged for downlink data. Consumer service plans also enjoy the benefit of a Freezone between 01:00 and 06:00 every day where unlimited data can be used.

Vox is running launch promotions, offering free installation for Home 10Mbps users, and free equipment and installation for 15Mbps Business users.

All prices exclude VAT
Monthly Service Plans Download Speed Upload Speed Usage per Month Usage per Day Price per Month (Ex VAT)
Value 512 512kbps 128kbps 1,5GB 50MB R163
Home 512 512kbps 128kbps 3GB 100MB R232
Home 10Mbps 10,240kbps 768kbps 18GB 600MB R1,379
Service Plans Download speed Upload Speed Usage per Monthly Usage per Day Price (Ex VAT)
Business1024 1,024kbps 256kbps 10GB 350MB R1,324
Business 15360 15,360kbps 3,072kbps 42GB 1,000MB R12,320

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Yahclick affordable satellite broadband: pricing and other details