Massive price cuts for Starlink in South Africa

Two Internet service providers (ISPs) that import and manage Starlink’s service for South African customers have dramatically reduced the prices of their monthly subscriptions.

Effective 1 December 2023, Mozambique-based StarSat Africa will charge R1,299 instead of R1,799 per month, a reduction of roughly 28%.

The price of its Starlink kit remains R14,999, with a deposit of R1,999 required to secure the order.

A more recent entrant in the space — IcasaSePush — is reducing its monthly fee for new and existing customers from R1,499 to between R880 and R1,000.

That works out to a price cut between 33% and 41%. Currency exchange rates will impact the monthly price.

IcasaSePush has also launched a new self-managed option designed to assist those who have already imported a kit to sign up for the service.

Once the order has been delivered and the Starlink kit activated by IcasaSePush, the customer’s account will be transferred to their own name.

They will then pay the direct Starlink subscription fee for the country of registration outside South Africa.

Those who bring their own kit will have to pay a R3,999 setup fee for this service, while those who also use IcasaSePush’s import service will pay R2,999.

These costs are in addition to the R14,999 Starlink equipment fee.

The table below breaks down the new prices of IcasaSePush and Starsat Africa’s Starlink roaming packages in South Africa.

Starlink roaming package prices in South Africa
ISP Starlink dish and router price Setup fee Monthly fee
IcasaSePush R14,999 R3,999 (bring your own kit)
R2,999 (bundled with IcasaSePush kit)
StarSat Africa R14,999 None R1,299

A source with close knowledge of the matter told MyBroadband the price reductions were due to Starlink restructuring its offering for customers who ordered in bulk — like IcasaSePush and Starsat Africa.

Although Starlink is not officially available in South Africa yet, its roaming service works locally and can achieve download speeds of roughly 200Mbps, tests by MyBroadband have shown.

The only caveat is that there are no Starlink ground stations in South Africa to provide backhaul connectivity to the Internet.

Instead, the service uses inter-satellite links above South Africa and many other African countries where it has launched but does not yet have ground gateways.

That means latency is higher than in countries like the US, Canada, and parts of Europe, where ground stations are already live.

Self-import also an option

While it makes the process simpler for the end-user, using an ISP like IcasaSePush or StarSat Africa to import the kit and manage the service is not the only way to get Starlink in South Africa.

If you have an address in one of the officially supported countries, you can place an order directly with Starlink on its website to have it delivered there.

It should be noted that the kit and monthly service fees in the seven African countries where the service has rolled out are substantially cheaper than in developed countries.

Therefore, using one of these countries would be the best option if affordability is a priority.

It is important to emphasise, however, that the prices shown on Starlink’s website will not include shipping to South Africa, import taxes, and VAT.

The table below outlines the prices of the Starlink kit, delivery costs, and monthly fees in the six African countries where the service has already rolled out and roaming is available as an add-on option.

Starlink direct import costs breakdown
Country of registration and origin Starlink Standard kit (excluding shipping to SA, importing taxes, and VAT) Shipping fee to origin address
(may vary based on specific location)
Monthly fee with regional roaming
(excluding bank’s foreign currency fee)
Kenya KES89,000 (R10,896) KES3,100 (R380) KES7,900 (R967)
Malawi MK655,000 (R10,682) MK26,500 (R432) MK65,000 (R1,060)
Mozambique MZN40,492 (R11,542) MZN1,530 (R436) MZN3,645 (R1,039)
Nigeria NGN378,000 (R8,814) NGN16,700 (R389) NGN49,000 (R1,143)
Rwanda RWF485,000 (R7,256) RWF24,500 (R367) RWF58,800 (R880)
Zambia ZMW10,744 (R8,877) ZMW400 (R330) ZMW1,000 (R826)

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Massive price cuts for Starlink in South Africa