South Africa’s top-rated ISPs for 2023

Analytico’s latest South African ISP rankings revealed that Afrihost is South Africa’s top-rated Internet service provider (ISP), followed by Supersonic and Axxess.

The report is based on Analytico’s new rating methodology, which considers more data points and ensures superior accuracy.

This report is based on thousands of ratings collected through MyBroadband’s speed test websites and mobile apps in 2023.

After a user performs a speed test on these platforms, they are asked to rate their ISP based on their satisfaction with the service.

These ratings are processed to produce a customer satisfaction percentage for each ISP, where a higher score indicates higher customer satisfaction.

The latest rankings differentiate between large and small ISPs and separate service providers, which offer a range of connectivity methods from fibre-only providers.

This decision was made because fibre offers higher customer satisfaction, making it difficult to compare ISPs that only offer fibre and those that provide a range of connections.

Small ISPs are also separated from the main category as their ratings are typically much higher and easily influenced by a small number of high votes.

Therefore, the ratings in the different categories should not be compared as they do not represent equal values.

Best ISPs in South Africa

Afrihost topped the list of large ISPs which offer a range of broadband products. Afrihost continued its good run from 2022, when it also reigned supreme.

Supersonic improved its performance to get second place ahead of Axxess. Axxess has also been a top performer for many years.

Atomic Access topped the fibre-only rankings, followed by RocketNet and Mind The Speed — both improving to beat Cool Ideas.

Cybersmart was the best of the smaller ISPs, continuing its exceptional performance over the last few years. Starlink is also included in this list.

The tables below provide an overview of the top Internet service providers in South Africa in different categories.

Prominent ISPs with too few votes or where the results raised red flags were not included in the table.

Top ISPs
ISP Rating
Afrihost 78.53
Supersonic 77.09
Axxess 74.03
RSAWeb 71.77
HeroTel 69.88
Vox 69.10
Webafrica 68.86
Vodacom 67.98
Rain 66.47
Internet Solutions 66.24
MWEB 65.39
Telkom 63.29
Cell C 60.85
Fibre ISPs
Atomic Access 98.35
Rocketnet 87.36
Mind-the-Speed 81.97
Cool Ideas 80.15
Metrofibre 74.35
Home Connect 73.95
Small ISPs
Cybersmart 94.87
Clear Access 93.81
TooMuchWifi 91.75
Starlink 88.18
Seacom 78.87
Level7 76.87
AMOBIA 71.36
Jenny-internet 58.61

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South Africa’s top-rated ISPs for 2023