Change your ADSL speed on the fly

“Bandwidth on demand is going to become a reality,” Internet Solutions (IS) carrier services executive Raj Wanniapa told an audience at Internetix, an event held at the Dimension Data headquarters on 7 August 2012.

For this to happen, however, clients must be able to “self-provision”, Wanniapa said. Users must be able to select a service and the provider’s systems must be able to provision it almost immediately.

Wanniapa and his team went to demonstrate a proof-of-concept where a user would be able to change their speed from a web portal in near real-time.

The portal had the option to change between a 1Mbps and 24Mbps connection, and they showed the change in speed using

“Bandwidth on demand” is one of the interesting trends Internet Solutions highlighted in their presentation.

Internet Solution bandwidth on demand proof of concept
Internet Solution bandwidth on demand proof of concept

Another trend they said would continue over the next three years is the commoditisation and convergence of the last mile.

With service level agreements in place, clients will not worry about which last mile technology is used, whether it be fibre, satellite, wireless (3G, LTE, 4G, Wi-Fi, etc.) or copper (ADSL) connections, Wanniapa predicted.

Wi-Fi is destined to become the default method of connecting to network services, he added.

Wanniapa mentioned Google’s fibre project that promises 1Gbps broadband for $70/month as an example of the commoditisation of the last mile, but added that something like it won’t be available any time soon on the African continent.

Internet Solution bandwidth on demand
Internet Solution bandwidth on demand speed test

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Change your ADSL speed on the fly