More broadband discussions from the DoC

The Department of Communications is planning a broadband workshop to get input from industry about the planned broadband policy.

According to the Department of Communications Director General, Rosey Sekese, the envisaged workshop is in line with the June 2010 Cabinet approved National Broadband Policy.

Sekese said that the department has committed to review the approved broadband policy and further develop a national broadband strategy.

“To ensure a seamless implementation approach as aligned to the Department’s 2011/14 Strategic Plan, we have committed to review the approved Broadband Policy and further develop a National Broadband Strategy,” said Sekese.

Curiously, the DoC’s broadband policy and national broadband strategy plans are holding back the rollout of broadband services in South Africa.

It is understood that the department will not hand out much needed spectrum until its broadband policy and broadband strategy is in place, which means that bureaucratic government processes are costing the country billions in lost revenue and lost opportunities.

The treasury has also highlighted that the DoC achieved 0% (zero percent) of its 7% target for the “percentage of broadband penetration per year”.

The treasury explained that the lack of achievement in broadband penetration within the first six months of the financial year is due to delays in finalising the national broadband strategy.

Dina Pule and Stella Ndabeni
Stella Ndabeni (Deputy Communcation Minister) and Dina Pule (Communication Minister)

However, the DoC said that the colloquiums, workshops and ICT Indaba show the department is committed to ensure that the ICT sector is transformed and developed.

The broadband workshop is set to take place on 6 November at Vodaworld, Midrand from 10:00 to 16:00.

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More broadband discussions from the DoC