South African broadband speed boost

The latest Ookla Net Index statistics show that South Africa’s average Internet download speed is at 3.35Mbps – up from around 2.8Mbps in the beginning of 2012.

According to the Net Index website, which uses data from millions of recent test results from, the global average download speed is 12.41Mbps – around 4 times the local speed.

When it comes to the average upload speed, South Africa’s 1.4Mbps is also far lower than the global average of 4.8Mbps.

Highest broadband speeds globally

Hong Kong is currently leading the broadband speed race with an average download speed of 42Mbps, followed by Japan with 37Mbps and Lithuania also on 37Mbps.

Rank Country Speed (Mbps)
1 Hong Kong 41.77
2 Japan 37.24
3 Lithuania 36.83
4 South Korea 33.87
5 Singapore 33.80
6 Luxembourg 32.48
7 Taiwan 31.20
8 Netherlands 29.44
9 Romania 29.38
10 Latvia 28.45

When it comes to upload speeds Andorra reigned supreme with 35Mbps, followed by Hong Kong on 28Mbps and South Korea also on 28Mbps.

Rank Country Speed (Mbps)
1 Andorra 34.85
2 Hong Kong 28.40
3 South Korea 27.98
4 Lithuania 27.79
5 Latvia 18.73
6 Singapore 18.61
7 Luxembourg 17.18
8 Romania 15.51
9 Japan 14.82
10 Bulgaria 14.36
11 Russia 13.88

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South African broadband speed boost