160Mbps bonded VDSL possible in SA: MWEB

It is theoretically possible to bond four 40Mbps VDSL lines to provide a client with a 160Mbps broadband solution, but with the current VDSL footprint it is an unlikely scenario in the near future. This is according to MWEB Business MD Andre Joubert.

MWEB Business’ bonded ADSL product – where up to four 4Mbps or 10Mbps lines are combined to provide a higher speed broadband solution – is a popular choice among businesses.

However, Joubert highlighted that for the solution to work properly, four stable ADSL lines are needed, and there should be no congestion across the whole network.

He said that they often experience problems when bonding four 10Mbps lines, and some of these problems (like exchange congestion or line stability) may also be present with higher speed VDSL lines.

“Dual VDSL line bonding is most likely a better solution than trying to bond four lines,” said Joubert.

The MWEB Business MD added that the very limited VDSL footprint means that a bonded VDSL solution may be some time off.

Andre Joubert
Andre Joubert

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160Mbps bonded VDSL possible in SA: MWEB