How do we get this broadband thing right?

The Department of Communications (DoC) has invited interested people and stakeholders to submit comments on the proposed National Broadband Policy for South Africa.

The DoC published its “Consultation on the proposed National Broadband Policy for South Africa” in the Government Gazette (36332) on 3 April 2013. The objectives of this policy include:

  • Ensure universal service and access to reliable, affordable and secure broadband services to all citizens by prioritising rural and under-serviced areas;
  • Articulate the Government’s commitment to providing appropriate support for digital inclusion, thus building an informed society;
  • Provide for an integrated approach in the deployment of broadband services;
  • Ensure continued availability and expansion of broadband capacity to support the economic and social goals of the country;
  • Reduce the cost of broadband services; and
  • Clarify the roles of the Government, State Owned Companies (SOCs) and the private sector in developing world-class broadband infrastructure in the country.

This is not the first broadband policy which has been published in South Africa. In June 2010 Cabinet approved a broadband policy for South Africa “to ensure wider, cheaper internet access”.

However, the DoC decided to review this policy “to ensure a seamless implementation approach as aligned to the Department’s 2011/14 Strategic Plan”.

The DoC said that comments about its policy can be e-mailed to Norman Munzhelele at [email protected] within 30 working days of the date of publication of the notice (3 April 2013).

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How do we get this broadband thing right?