7.2 Mbps HSDPA with bandwidth rollover

Vodacom has announced the first phase of the restructuring of its broadband and connectivity services which will provide a greater range of options and benefits to its customers.

Good news for Vodacom HSDPA subscribers is that HSDPA 3.6 with HSUPA is available to all of Vodacom’s existing and new customers.  This effectively makes the previous R 49.00 charge for higher speeds redundant. 

Vodacom has also switched on 7.2 Mbps HSDPA across its full third generation network which encompasses more than 2700 sites.

Broadband Advanced

All Vodacom customers who subscribe to the new Broadband Advanced data option and connect, with HSDPA 7.2 capable devices, will benefit from higher download and upload speeds, as well as pay the same rate per Megabyte for in-bundle and out-of-bundle usage.

Vodacom has also introduced monthly rollover of data, which means that all Vodacom customers are able to carry over unused data to the following month. 

The new Broadband Advanced product comes at a higher price than Vodacom’s current ‘Broadband Standard’ service, something which may come as a surprise in an environment where prices are expected to decrease rather than increase.

Vodacom however explains that this product is aimed at contract users who typically pay a premium when they exceed their monthly data bundle.  They will now have the freedom to exceed their monthly allowance without the fear of paying high out-of-bundle rates.

According to Vodacom users who typically exceed their monthly data bundle by 10% or more will save on the new advanced option, with the added benefits of higher speeds and bandwidth rollover. 


The pricing of Vodacom’s new Broadband Advanced 24 month contract bundles include a 7.2 Mbps enabled HSPA modem, independent of the bundle size. 

The pricing is as follows:

Vodacom Broadband Advanced Pricing
Bundle Size Price In bundle Out-of-bundle
150 MB R 149 R 0.99 R 0.99
250 MB R 189 R 0.76 R 0.76
500 MB R 279 R 0.56 R 0.56
1 GB R 389 R 0.38 R 0.38
2 GB R 599 R 0.29 R 0.29
3 GB R 799 R 0.26 R 0.26

Only the beginning

Vodacom CEO Pieter Uys made it clear that this is merely a first step in the company’s quest to provide more value to consumers, and that various other developments are planned, including lower priced products.

Shameel Joosub, managing director of Vodacom South Africa, confirms that this new restructuring of data services to customers is aligned with Vodacom’s growth strategy as a leader in broadband and connectivity services.

“Our customers’ primary need for data, from PCs and cellphones, is to access the Internet. They want the best data connectivity options available at the lowest possible prices. We believe that this acceleration in the availability of mobile broadband services should see a substantial increase in Internet penetration, providing easy accessibility and higher data speeds at competitive rates,” Joosub says.

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7.2 Mbps HSDPA with bandwidth rollover