The world’s biggest bandwidth hog?

An Internet user in California using a 300Mbps Bonded Verizon FiOS connection has been warned by his service provider after consuming 77TB in March 2013.

The user, who calls himself “houkouonchi”, explained that he hosts a server rack at his house with 209TB of storage. He offers a range of services, including video streaming and P2P file sharing.

His bandwidth usage over the last few months has been 35TB in January, 32TB in February, 77TB in March, and 28TB in April.

Verizon warned him that he cannot run servers on a residential broadband connection, and threatened disconnection if he continues.

“The funny thing is that I literally just switched over from 2 x 150MB/75MB business connections to residential a few months ago because their business prices for 150MB didn’t change at all when 300MB came out, where residential went down to half price,” he said.

Houkouonchi's servers
Houkouonchi’s servers
Bandwidth use for houkouonchi
Bandwidth use for houkouonchi

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The world’s biggest bandwidth hog?