Biggest broadband bandwidth users in SA

South Africa’s biggest broadband bandwidth users are consuming well above 1TB of data per month, but this is still far less data than international bandwidth hogs use.

According to Afrihost’s “The Big Bosses of Bandwidth” tables, which lists the biggest data users on its network, the top user consumed 1.77TB (1,771GB) of data over the last 31 days.

Afrihost’s list further revealed that all of their leading bandwidth users on 10Mbps ADSL connections consumed over 1TB per month.

The following tables provide an overview of Afrihost’s biggest bandwidth users over the last month.

Consumer uncapped ADSL
Position GBs Used Effective Cost Per GB
1 1,580.99GB R0.50
2 1,200.65GB R0.66
3 1,184.84GB R0.67
4 1,101.22GB R0.72
5 1,038.00GB R0.77
Business uncapped ADSL
Position GBs Used Effective Cost Per GB
1 1,770.99GB R0.56
2 1,533.84GB R0.65
3 1,315.92GB R0.76
4 1,303.60GB R0.76
5 1,297.64GB R0.77

Even higher usage on ADSL recorded

Cybersmart CEO Laurie Fialkov previously said that they had four users who exceeded 2TB of data usage per month. The top user consumed just over 3TB of data (3,005GB).

Fialkov explained that these users typically ran their uncapped accounts on two ADSL lines – breaking the agreement with their ISP.

Cybersmart invested in new equipment to guarantee that an account is only used on one line, and that fair use policies are enforced.

Wireless network bandwidth hogs

Many wireless broadband users on uncapped accounts are also consuming relatively large amounts of data.

iBurst said that the top user on their network consumed around 330GB per month.

Vodacom previously said that one BlackBerry user consumed 300GB per month by bypassing the restrictions associated with BlackBerry’s Internet Service (BIS).

International bandwidth hogs

Bandwidth use for houkouonchi
Bandwidth use for houkouonchi

A recent report revealed that a Verizon FiOS broadband user consumed 77TB in March 2013.

The user hosts a server rack at his house with 209TB of storage, using his fibre connection for connectivity. He offers a range of services, including video streaming and P2P file sharing.

Another US broadband subscriber also reported hosting a small data centre using 4 FiOS lines from Verizon as connectivity. He did not report his monthly data usage, but his bandwidth usage graphs looked similar to the first user.

Not to be outdone, another Verizon FiOS user reported that he uses around 90TB per month, down from 100TB a few months ago. This user did not reveal why his monthly data usage is so high.

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Biggest broadband bandwidth users in SA