Afrihost Mobile 10GB deal – how cheap is it really?

Afrihost unveiled its latest mobile data prices on 2 September 2013, which include a 10GB pre-paid mobile data product for R197.

This 10GB mobile data deal offers the best ever month-to-month price in South Africa. The product also removes the risk of shocking out of bundle charges because it is capped.

Afrihost promised subscribers that the R197 for 10GB price is guaranteed until 30 November, after which the offer will be revised or extended.

This raises the question of how Afrihost’s new mobile prices compare with similar products in the market. For this comparison MyBroadband used pre-paid and contract products from the major operators.

Mobile data prices
Provider Contract, month-to-month, prepaid Data included After hours data Price
Afrihost Mobile Month-to-month 10GB R197
Vodacom Prepaid 20GB R499
Telkom Mobile 24 month contract 10GB 10GB R299
Vodacom 24 month contract 10GB 10GB R499
Cell C 24 month contract 10GB R499
Cell C Prepaid 10GB R1540
Afrihost Mobile Month-to-month 5GB R145
Cell C 12 month contract 5GB 15GB R189
Vodacom 24 month contract 5GB 5GB R259
MTN 24 month contract 5GB R299
Telkom Mobile Prepaid 5GB R349
Vodacom Prepaid 5GB R399
Cell C Prepaid 5GB R770
Cell C 24 month contract 5GB R799
Vodacom 24 month contract 1GB 1GB R69
MTN 24 month contract 1GB R69
Cell C 24 month contract 1GB R69
Afrihost Mobile Month-to-month 1GB R99
Telkom Mobile Prepaid 1GB R119
Vodacom Prepaid 1GB R149
MTN Top up 1GB R149
Cell C Prepaid 1GB R149
Vodacom 24 month contract 500MB 500MB R39
MTN 24 month contract 500MB R39
Cell C 24 month contract 500MB R39
Afrihost Mobile Month-to-month 500MB R58
Telkom Mobile Prepaid 500MB R69
Cell C Prepaid 500MB R75
Vodacom Prepaid 500MB R99
MTN Top up 500MB R99
Afrihost Mobile Month-to-month 250MB R29
Telkom Mobile Prepaid 250MB R38
Cell C Prepaid 300MB R45
Vodacom Prepaid 250MB R59
MTN Top up 300MB R79

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Afrihost Mobile 10GB deal – how cheap is it really?