Telkom Mobile Free Wi-Fi tested

Telkom Mobile is offering 60 minutes of free, unlimited Wi-Fi every day to all consumers in a promotion which runs from 8 August to 15 December 2013.

Telkom Mobile’s free Wi-Fi service is available in areas where the company has coverage, which includes shopping centres and other public areas.

MyBroadband tested the service to see what people can expect from the service. The Centurion Mall was selected as the testing ground.

We ensured that we had strong signal strength for this testing – either 4 or 5 bars (out of 5) – to eliminate the impact of poor signal strength on the performance of the service.

Getting connected to Telkom Mobile Wi-Fi

To gain access to the free Telkom Mobile Wi-Fi service, you have to SMS the company, after which an access code and PIN will be sent.

This process worked perfectly – we connected to the Telkom Mobile free Wi-Fi network, sent the required SMS, received the access code and PIN, and logged in. We were immediately connected to the Internet.

Telkom Mobile free Wi-Fi login screen
Telkom Mobile free Wi-Fi login screen

Telkom Mobile free Wi-Fi performance

MyBroadband tested the service by doing what most people are likely to do on a free Wi-Fi service – checking e-mail, surfing the web, and downloading a few small files.

What became very clear, very quickly, was that the service was not stable. The website would load as expected in some cases, but on the next click would only load halfway, or not at all.

The same erratic performance was present when downloading files, checking e-mail, or doing speed tests.

The unstable and poor performance was clearly illustrated in web based speed tests and latency tests.

Telkom Mobile free Wi-Fi speed
Telkom Mobile free Wi-Fi speed
Telkom Mobile Wi-Fi latency
Telkom Mobile Wi-Fi latency

Not too great, but it is free

Telkom Mobile’s free Wi-Fi service was frustrating to use because of the relatively poor performance, but it is a free service.

If you do not have another option and you want to check your e-mail or visit a website, it serves its purpose.

However, if you want to sit for an hour on a laptop and enjoy a fast and stable Internet experience, you may want to consider other options.

It should be noted that MyBroadband only tested Telkom Mobile’s Wi-Fi service in one location, and online feedback about the service at some of the other locations was very positive.

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Telkom Mobile Free Wi-Fi tested