If you buy any of these products, you will kick yourself

There are many great broadband deals available, but unless you familiarise yourself with all the products on offer you may sign up for a service which makes no sense at all.

With the myriad of promotional offers available, especially in the mobile data market, it is easy to sign on the dotted line for a products which are far more expensive than a better service.

In some cases you get can double the value at less than half the price of what you would normally pay.

Here are some of the broadband products which do not make any sense signing up for.

Cell C Smartdata contract products

Cell C promises that they’ve “got a contract option to suit you whether you’re a total data junkie or just a casual internet user”. They also have a deal to suit complete idiots.

Cell C’s 5GB Smartdata contract is priced at R799 per month. The 10GB service, offering double the data, is priced at R499 per month.

Cell C Smartdata contract deals
Cell C Smartdata contract deals

MTN Internet package deals

MTN’s long running Internet promotion offers significant discounts to consumers, with a wide range of data bundle size options.

However, unless people look at all the prices they may sign up for 300MB package at R149 per month, when they could have received 500MB per month for R49 per month. Paying three times more money for less data per month may leave a mark.

MTN Internet packages
MTN Internet packages

Telkom Mobile SmartInternet deals

Telkom Mobile is running many SmartInternet promotions, offering significant discounts on data packages ranging between 750MB and 15GB.

Consumers will be well advised to look at all the deals, otherwise they may pay R905 for 5GB per month (although it includes roaming in MTN’s network) when they could have paid R399 for 15GB per month.

Paying twice as much as a friend who receives three times more data can result in severe ridicule – it is just not worth it.

Telkom Mobile SmartInternet
Telkom Mobile SmartInternet

Incredible Connection ADSL service

Incredible Connection’s 2Mbps uncapped ADSL service for R99 per month is a great deal, especially after Telkom upgraded all 1Mbps ADSL users to 2Mbps free of charge.

Although the company’s 1Mbps uncapped service for R164 is a good price, paying R65 more for half the speed does not make sense.

Connection ADSL
Connection ADSL

Do you know of any other bad broadband deals? Please let us know in the comments below or in the forum discussion.

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If you buy any of these products, you will kick yourself