Top broadband speeds in South Africa

The latest MyBroadband speed test server results show that Telkom Mobile‘s LTE service recorded the highest peak speeds, followed by MTN and Vodacom‘s LTE services.

MyBroadband’s speed test platform is hosted at Teraco and NAPAfrica‘s vendor neutral data centres to ensure a neutral testing environment.

NAPAfrica further provides all network operators with free 1Gbps connections to the MyBroadband speed test platform, which means that they can optimise their performance without incurring any costs.

Average MyBroadband speed test results

Over the last month 87,240 speed tests were performed on the MyBroadband speed test server.

The average download speed was 8,402kbps, and the average upload speed was 1,964kbps.

It should be noted that these averages include speed tests performed from corporate networks and non-broadband connections.

Best broadband speed test results

To gain a more accurate view of the performance of broadband connections in South Africa, the results are filtered to only include tests which are performed from commercial broadband services.

Telkom Mobile’s LTE service dominated the top broadband results, followed by MTN and Vodacom’s LTE services.

The highest broadband speeds per broadband connection (hence peak speed) over the last few months are listed in the table below.

Broadband service ISP Download speed (Kbps) Upload speed (Kbps) Latency Speed test server
Telkom Mobile LTE Telkom Mobile 50,149 8,179 23 Johannesburg
MTN LTE MTN 44,546 3,718 224 London
Vodacom LTE Vodacom 42,709 16,106 29 Johannesburg
VDSL 40Mbps Internet Solutions 37,379 2,800 28 Cape Town
MTN 3G MTN 24,998 2,419 216 London
Vodacom 3G Vodacom 24,957 2,495 33 Johannesburg
VDSL 20Mbps Telkom Internet 19,583 712 50 Johannesburg
Telkom Mobile 3G Telkom Mobile 18,598 2,354 81 Johannesburg
ADSL 10Mbps MWEB 9,995 912 191 London
Cell C LTE Cell C 5,523 1,758 87 Johannesburg
Neotel CDMA Neotel CDMA 2,879 726 119 Cape Town
iBurst Wireless iBurst Wireless 1,997 569 193 Johannesburg

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Top broadband speeds in South Africa