Gareth Cliff’s new radio show here

Gareth Cliff’s new radio show launches today (1 May 2014) on a wide range of platforms, including the DStv Comedy Central channel, the DStv website, WeChat (CliffCentral OA) and the CliffCentral website.

The show airs between 6:00 and 09:00 on weekdays, with a live broadcast on Comedy Central from 07.35 to 08.50.

The Gareth Cliff Show is hosted by Cliff, joined by his team Leigh-Ann Mol, Mabale Moloi, Damon Kalvari and intern Siya Sangwni-Fynn.

According to Cliff the show will bring listeners real conversation about “everything in the news and everything that happens in life”.

“Joining us will be first-class guests, edgy material and a healthy dose of intelligence, humour and inspiration…and lots of phone calls,” Cliff said.

Cliff is upbeat about the prospects of his new show, especially considering the opportunities which the “non-radio” platforms bring.

“CliffCentral is going to be a new media platform. We are going to use mobile, the Internet, television. It is going to be unradio,” Cliff explained. “It is going to be radio everywhere, except on radio.”

CliffCentral announced that it will be holding live auditions from the hundreds of applications they received from 9:00 during the first two weeks of May.

“From Monday we’ll also be introducing our regular contributors who will be well-known personalities and experts in their fields. By mid-May we’ll be broadcasting from 6am to 6pm which will be repeated – 24/7,” CliffCentral said.

How to listen to Gareth Cliff’s CliffCentral show:

Here’s how to listen

1. Go to on your web browser. The stream will start immediately. If you’re on uncapped wireless at home or work, you can listen freely

2. Go to WeChat on your phone, no matter where you are. On WeChat, go to ADD CONTACTS. Then go to OFFICIAL ACCOUNTS. Type in CliffCentral and add us. Now we’ll appear as a contact. On the message screen you’ll see LISTEN. Press that, and you’ll hear us. If you’re on Edge, 3G, 4G or LTE you’ll pay normal data costs. If you’re on a wireless connection, no extra cost. We’re working on ways to get those data costs down.

3. Watch COMEDY CENTRAL Channel 122 on DSTV between 7h35 and 9h00 every weekday morning. The show is broadcast live on TV.

4. Download the podcast of whatever show you want to hear by going to Every show should be available an hour after it has gone out live. Go to PODCASTS. Downloading the show won’t take long and then you can listen whenever, wherever you are for free.

5. Listen live on and check out your favourite TV shows at the same time.

Remember if you have a smart phone you can connect it to most modern cars which will put the stream on your car radio. On very smart phones you can also use Bluetooth

Gareth Cliff message
Gareth Cliff message

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Gareth Cliff’s new radio show here