Banned films in SA revealed

Some double X-rated language found its way into a parliamentary response on Thursday.

In a written reply to a parliamentary question, Communications Minister Faith Muthambi revealed that over the past five years, the Film and Publication Board (FBP) had given 12 films an “XX” rating.

She included the films’ titles, which suggest some of them go way beyond the single “X” rating applied to films commonly referred to as pornographic, and which may not be distributed or shown to persons under the age of 18.

The double-X line-up she lists includes titles such as: “The Best of the Gangbang Girls Series”; “Fuck Me Like You Hate Me”; “Squirting for Extra Credit”; and one German title, “Das Beste Aus Extreme”.

The two films stamped XX last year (2013/14) were titled “100 Percent Grade-A Milf” and “Sexy Selena Rose”.

Muthambi drew the line at revealing the FPB’s reasons for the effective banning of the films, referring the questioner — Democratic Alliance MP Gavin Davis — to the board’s document warehouse.

“Please be informed that information for XX classification is available from the files which are currently at document warehouse,” she said.

According to the board’s website, XX films may not be distributed or shown in public.

“In terms of the Films and Publication Act, XX material is considered presumptively harmful material,” it says.

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Banned films in SA revealed