DStv prices from 2000 to 2015

MultiChoice has announced a price increase for its satellite pay TV platform DStv, which is set to kick in on 1 April 2015.

MultiChoice explained that the annual price increase is necessary for them to continue offering the best in local and international entertainment.

The subscription fees of DStv’s Premium, Extra, Compact, Select, Family, and Easy View bouquets are all set to increase, as is the price for PVR and XtraView Access.

DStv price increases are annual occurrences, so the latest announcement should not come as a surprise to subscribers.

The increases are also usually in-line with inflation, so the only real surprise might be that MultiChoice has deviated from this trend for some of its products.

The price for a DStv premium service will rise from R665 to R699 per month – an increase of 5.11%.

DStv Extra subscribers will pay R425 instead of R399 (6.52% increase), while DStv Compact users will fork out R319 per month, up from R295 (8.13% increase).

DStv Family and DStv Select subscribers will pay R199 per month for their service – up from the current R185 per month (7.58% increase).

DStv Easyview users are the hardest hit with a price increase of 34% – from R29 per month to R39 per month.

There was some good news as well. Some prices will remain unchanged, including DStv Access at R99 per month and DStv Mobile at R49 per month.

The following table shows the DStv pricing from 1 April 2015.

Primary packages Old price New price Percentage increase
DStv Premium R665 R699 5.11%
DStv Extra R399 R425 6.52%
DStv Compact R295 R319 8.13%
DStv Select R185 R199 7.58%
DStv Family R185 R199 7.58%
DStv Access R99 R99 0%
DStv Easy View R29 R39 34.48%
DStv Mobile R49 R49 0%
M-Net Analogue/CSN* R315 R335 6.35%
Access Fee R75 R80 6.67%
*No longer on offer – only available to subscribers still on the package.

DStv Prices: 2000 to 2015

While some of MultiChoice’s DStv products were hit by above-inflation increases, DStv Premium has not deviated significantly from inflation over the last fifteen years.

As the graph below shows, the 2015 increase in DStv Premium pricing is in-line with, and remains slightly below inflation.

DStv prices versus inflation 2000-2015
DStv prices versus inflation 2000-2015

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DStv prices from 2000 to 2015