How to reduce the irritation of repeats on M-Net

M-Net CEO Yolisa Phahle has said that the broadcaster needs to communicate better with customers about new content when it launches, in a bid to reduce the irritation of viewers watching repeats.

Phahle made the statement when interviewed by CapeTalk’s Bruce Whitfield on The Money Show as part of M-Net’s 30th anniversary celebrations.

M-Net has around 40 channels across Africa, with South Africans exposed to its movie channels, KykNet channels, Vuzu channels, and Mzansi channels.

Phahle said South Africans have “more choice than they’ve ever had” when it comes to entertainment, thanks to more channels and competing services like Netflix in the market.

The irritation of repeats

The topic of repeats was broached when Whitfield asked Phahle why viewers get upset when a new movie is shown on multiple M-Net channels for a period of several weeks at various time slots.

“People are paying a premium, and for us the real challenge is to get better at communicating the new content, because in real hours there’s far more content now than there was than three or four or five years ago,” said Phahle.

“In reality, because there are more channels, you do sometimes see the same programme reoccurring across channels.”

She said players like Netflix were able to understand viewers as individuals and communicate with them as individuals.

Phahle gave an example where Netflix can see if a subscriber enjoys a certain genre of show – like reality series – and then lets them know when a new show in that genre launches.

“There is huge room for us to improve our content discovery. We want to be able to tell people as individuals when something that we know that they want to watch is on.”

“That way we will reduce the irritation of repeats,” she said.

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How to reduce the irritation of repeats on M-Net