How to fix Amazon Prime Video in South Africa

South Africans with existing Amazon accounts and active Prime subscriptions may experience trouble with Prime Video. To remedy it, you must change your country settings.

When Amazon launched The Grand Tour worldwide in November, its stand-alone Prime Video service was not yet available.

To let fans who were outside the countries where Amazon Prime and Prime Video were available watch the show, Amazon allowed people outside the US to sign up for a US Amazon Prime subscription.

Amazon Prime in the US offers several features, including free two-day shipping, special discounts, early access to deals, and Prime Video streaming.

While the price of an Amazon Prime subscription is $10.99 per month, the company offers a 30-day trial of the service.

The Prime Video experience through this trial was not great, with most of the content listed not available in South Africa. However, it was a free stopgap while Amazon brought its stand-alone Prime Video service online.

When Prime Video launched in South Africa, though, nothing had changed for existing Prime subscribers.

Amazon has now explained this was not intended.

If you are still being redirected to Prime Video on Amazon and see “service area restriction” errors, you should contact Amazon support.

When we contacted Amazon support, they fixed the issue in under an hour and explained what was wrong – the preferred territory was not set to South Africa.

To fix this issue yourself, navigate to Amazon’s home page and do the following:

Navigate to Manage Your Content and Devices.

Amazon Prime Video - Manage content and devices

Go to the Settings tab and set your country under Country Settings.

Note: changes may take up to 15 minutes to be implemented.

Amazon Prime Video - Manage content and devices settings

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How to fix Amazon Prime Video in South Africa