UK to block Kodi boxes from pirate streaming Premier League matches

A High Court in the UK recently ruled in favour of the Football Association Premier League, giving it powers to block the illegal streaming of soccer matches.

The judgement has now been made public, and was covered by Engadget.

Engadget reported that the League can block servers which provide illegal live feeds – essentially cutting off Kodi boxes and other IPTV services.

The League will work in conjunction with major ISPs – BT, EE, PlusNet, Sky, TalkTalk, and Virgin Media – to enforce the blocks.

A list of IP addresses will be blocked in real-time, based on their identification as “target servers”.

The offending servers are identified by a “third-party contractor”, stated the report.

Kodi boxes

The court ruling states that Kodi boxes will be targeted, as they provide easy access to “infringing content”.

“It is increasingly easy to purchase set-top boxes and other devices which are already loaded with [streaming] software,” stated the ruling.

The order will come into effect on 18 March and run until 22 May (when the Premier League ends). The live server blocks will only be enforced when English Premier League matches are being played.

Illegal streams will be identified in real-time and ISPs will be notified straight away, after which the streams will be blocked.

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UK to block Kodi boxes from pirate streaming Premier League matches