Drifta from DStv Mobile: anytime, anywhere viewing?

The Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa (ASA) recently published a ruling wherein a DStv Drifta user complained that the “anytime, anywhere” advertising of the device was misleading as he was unable to use the device in Middleburg.

MultiChoice Mobile Operations responded to the complaint, according to the ASA report, saying that the Drifta allows the user to receive DStv mobile service “away from traditional sitting room viewing.”

The Drifta is a mobile decoder which allows DStv Mobile subscribers to watch the channels included in the DStv Mobile bouquet on devices such as cellphones, laptops, PC’s and tablets.

“It is for this reason that the tagline ‘DStv Anywhere, Anytime’ was chosen,” the report quotes MultiChoice Mobile as saying. 

According to the report, MultiChoice Mobile explained that the service is available in all provinces, “albeit on a limited scale.”

The DStv mobile service is available in all provinces, albeit on a limited scale. Multichoice has provided a coverage map on its website to indicate the areas covered by DStv Mobile. Middelburg is not among the coverage areas.

DStv Drifta - DStv Mobile

MultiChoice Mobile also added that the specific advertisement has been discontinued.

The ASA directorate said that it took note that the advertisement in question is no longer running, but added that “the question is whether or not the advertising claim ‘DStv anytime, anywhere’ misleadingly implies that the respondent offers this service across the entire South Africa.”

For this reason the directorate said it is still bound to deal with the merits of the matter.

“The Directorate is of the opinion that the reasonable person interested in the DStv Drifta offering would know that the key feature of the DStv drifta lies in its portability which is linked to the pay-off line ‘anytime, anywhere’,” the ASA said.

It added that for a product offering such as the Drifta, coverage may be reliant on topography and building factors, much like one often finds that cell phone reception is non-existent in certain areas.

“This is somewhat of a niche product and as such a customer would likely familiarise himself to some extent before purchase,” the ASA argued.

Based on this, the hypothetical reasonable person would not be misled by the claim “anytime, anywhere,” the ASA concluded, dismissing the complaint.

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Drifta from DStv Mobile: anytime, anywhere viewing?