DEOD TV launched in South Africa – Pricing and package details

Discover Digital has launched DEOD, a new South African video streaming service taking on Netflix and DStv.

It confirmed details that emerged in mid-April about the service, including the fact that it will offer live streaming, various on-demand packages, and movie rentals.

Apps for the service are available for Android and iOS. Discover Digital said it plans to support Chromecast, Airplay, DEOD media players, and major Smart TVs soon.

DEOD’s on-demand packages span news, sports, entertainment, and several other combinations. They are priced per month as follows:

  • News – R49
  • Sport – R99
  • On Demand – R79
  • News and Sport – R129
  • On Demand and News – R99
  • On Demand and Sport – R159
  • DEOD Premium – R189

DEOD Premium, which is a combination of the News, Sport, and On-Demand packages, is also available as a weekend (R49) or week-long package (R69).

In addition, the service offers a movie rental option – with the latest releases priced at R30 and older movies priced at R18.

Payment options for customers include credit cards, debit orders, and voucher payments.

The company stated that users will soon be able to download content for offline playback, and that scheduled downloads would be available for customers who want to take advantage of off-peak data usage.

DEOD’s technical team is also working on a feature they’ve given the working title of “PVR in the cloud”.

This will allow you to record parts of live streams online, so you can watch content that may not make it into a highlights package at a later stage.

Live sports streaming

DEOD’s sports packages will include five channels.

  • EDGE Sport HD
  • Fightbox
  • Motorvision
  • Nautical
  • Sport Skool

“Obviously we can’t compete for the rights of sports that traditional broadcasters have on their platforms,” said Discover Digital MD Stephen Watson.

Watson said he and his wife come from sporting backgrounds and both have national colours – he in motorsport, and she in gymnastics.

“We have seen first hand the effect that lack of mainstream exposure has on the sports we love,” said Watson. This has made them passionate about supporting sports, including sports where South Africans are excelling, which do not get media exposure.

Its sports packages will feature extreme sports, fighting sports, watersports, and motorsports – ranging from rallies to motorcycle racing.

News channels

Channels on the News package will include:

  • Al Jazeera
  • Africanews
  • Euronews
  • Bloomberg
  • Russia Today
  • France24

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DEOD TV launched in South Africa – Pricing and package details