How DStv will work on your fibre connection

MultiChoice recently unveiled a fibre-based signal distribution system for DStv customers living in estates, complexes, or apartment blocks.

MultiChoice said the solution will use a centralised satellite dish, which distributes the signal into individual homes using a fibre network.

The service is compatible with Explora and single-view HD decoders, and users’ Explora decoders will be able to make use of Catch Up Plus and Showmax – as they are also connected to the Internet.

“This distribution does not impact on the data download speeds of the fibre network,” said MultiChoice.

How it works

MultiChoice said its fibre distribution system converts a satellite signal into an optical signal, which is then distributed over a fibre network in one of two ways:

  • Using a dedicated fibre line – Data and the DStv signal run on separate fibre.
  • Using video overlay – Data and the DStv signal run on a single fibre line.

“Neither method affects the Internet connection speed, nor does it impact data usage like IPTV solutions,” said MultiChoice.

“The video overlay system distributes the signals from communal antennas – usually hidden from view on the roof of a block or a central building on an estate – to every home in the system using a different wavelength to that used for data, so it doesn’t affect data usage or speed.”

The company said this is an elegant solution for communities, as each home no longer needs its own satellite dish.


MultiChoice said its fibre system is compatible with most DStv decoders – including its flagship decoders – and there is no plan to sell “fibre-only” decoders.

“In instances where a community is already connected to a fibre network, a communal DStv fibre distribution system is a great solution, both for existing communal systems that require updating and for new residential developments,” it said.

“As a company, we strive to continue to innovate, especially when it comes to keeping track of technology developments.”

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How DStv will work on your fibre connection