LG launches new Cinema 3D TV range in SA

LG Electronics South Africa launched its new range of Cinema TVs locally today (1 June 2011), saying that the televisions come with all the benefits of Passive 3D technology and none of the drawbacks one would expect.

Passive 3D is essentially the technology you see in cinemas screening 3D movies, while Active Shutter 3D technology has been used in high-quality TV displays by many different manufacturers and requires powered glasses.

Pitting the new Cinema TVs against their own Infinia range sporting Active Shutter technology, LG said that their new range of 3D TVs deliver superior quality while setting you free from the burden of the more expensive powered glasses at the same time.

LG Cinema 3D TV LW6510 Front
LG Cinema 3D TV LW6510: Front

LG Cinema TVs are available in three different models, each in different sizes, and have the following recommended retail prices:

  • 55LW 6510 R39 999.00
  • 47 LW 6510 R21 999.00
  • 42 LW 6510 R18 999.00
  • 47 LW 5700 R18 999.00
  • 42 LW 5700 R15 999.00
  • 47 LW 4500 R15 999.00
  • 42 LW 4500 R12 999.00
LG Cinema 3D TV LW6510 Rear
LG Cinema 3D TV LW6510 – Rear

The full press release is reproduced below.

LG Electronics (LG) South Africa unveiled its new CINEMA 3D TV, which boasts the first third-party endorsed “flicker free” 3D images, along with more comfortable glasses, a brighter picture and a wider viewing angle. Together, these features make it more comfortable than ever for viewers to enjoy 3D content at home and in the company of family and friends.

“LG’s expertise in 3D technology allows the company to address consumer concerns about the flickery picture and unwieldy glasses, current 3D TV’s offer. Through the unveiling of a real breakthrough in 3D TV technology, the LG CINEMA 3D TV, we are bringing better quality and affordable 3D viewing to the world,” says Michael Bang, General Marketing Manager LG Electronics South Africa.

The LG CINEMA 3D TV will be a real game changer in 3D TV, pushing 3D viewing to new heights of excitement and taking 3D technology firmly into the mainstream of home entertainment worldwide.

CINEMA 3D TV’s outstanding 3D viewing experience begins with its Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) technology, which optimizes the separation of images for the left and right eye. Those images are then matched up with CINEMA 3D glasses specially designed to receive each image, creating an outstandingly smooth 3D picture.

The resulting picture has earned CINEMA 3D TV “flicker free” certification from Intertek and TÜV, two world-renowned certification agencies based in Europe, making it the world’s first 3D TV to receive the designation. With such a smooth picture, the CINEMA 3D TV practically eliminates the feelings of dizziness or eye fatigue that could occur with previous 3D TVs, meaning viewers can enjoy 3D content for longer and in greater comfort.

The LG CINEMA 3D TV comes with comfortable and inexpensive 3D glasses. Tipping the scales at just 16 grams, the glasses have no electrical parts, so they are free of electromagnetic waves and never need to be recharged. And because the CINEMA 3D TV’s glasses don’t need to be synced or shuttered, they ensure CINEMA 3D stays entirely free of onscreen flicker.

Further ramping up the picture quality is LG’s 3D Light Boost, a thin film covering the CINEMA 3D TV’s screen that ensures 3D images are shown at full brightness. By counteracting any dimness that can sometimes occur with 3D content, 3D Light Boost creates brighter, clearer images for a superior 3D viewing experience. Thanks to its wider viewing angle, CINEMA 3D TV is ideal for watching 3D with big groups of friends or family, while sitting or lying down in practically any spot in front of the TV.

Besides superb picture quality in 2D and 3D, CINEMA 3D TV boasts all the advantages of LG’s Smart TV technology. With its simple Home Dashboard and Magic Motion Remote Control, LG CINEMA 3D TV makes it easy to access a full array of premium content via top global and local providers, and the growing range of LG Apps designed specifically for use on its Smart TVs.

The various models the LG CINEMA 3D TV is available in are detailed below.


At the top of the CINEMA 3D range is the LW6510, which boasts superb picture quality in 2D and 3D along with all the advantages of LG’s Smart TV technology. Via a simple Home Dashboard, LG’s Smart TV provides access to LG Apps and a range of premium content via top global and local providers. Smart Share makes it easy to share content between the TV and digital devices, and TruMotion 200Hz ensures super-fast screen processing for a silky smooth picture.

Recommended Retail Price:

  • 55LW 6510 R39 999.00
  • 47 LW 6510 R21 999.00
  • 42 LW 6510 R18 999.00


The LW5700 combines CINEMA 3D and Smart TV functions with a distinctive frame. In common with all LG’s top of the range 3D TVs, the LW5700 also packs Micro Pixel Control, which allows for more precise and efficient control of individual LED blocks behind the screen.

Recommended Retail Pr ice:

  • 47 LW 5700 R18 999.00
  • 42 LW 5700 R15 999.00


For customers looking to enjoy a more competitively priced set focused on the CINEMA 3D experience, the LW4500 offers LG’s superb 3D picture along with a range of other high-tech features. Clear Voice II enhances speech to ensure viewers won’t miss a single line of dialogue, while AV Mode II optimizes picture and sound for cinema, sports and game content.

Recommended Retail Price:

  • 47 LW 4500 R15 999.00
  • 42 LW 4500 R12 999.00

CINEMA 3D TV Specifications:

  • 3D TV (CINEMA 3D)
  • Flicker Free (Intertek / TÜV Certified)
  • Crosstalk Free
  • Light and Comfortable Glasses
  • 3D Light Boost
  • Flexible Viewing Positions / Wide Viewing Angle
  • 2D to 3D Conversion
  • Smart TV: Home Dashboard, Magic Motion Remote Control,
  • Smart Share, Premium Content, LG Apps and Web Browser
  • (excluding LW4500)
  • LED Plus
  • Micro Pixel Control
  • TruMotion 200Hz (LW6510) / TruMotion 100Hz (LW5700, LW4500)
  • DLNA / Wi-Fi / DVR ready
  • DivX Plus / HD
  • Smart Energy Saving
  • Clear Voice II
  • AV Mode II

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LG launches new Cinema 3D TV range in SA