The SABC calculated how much your TV licence fee should be – and it’s way more than what you pay now

The SABC has calculated how much South Africans would be paying for their TV licence if its price had increased with inflation.

The broadcaster presented the calculation as part of its submission on the review of the public broadcasting policy, which it finalised on 31 August 2018.

“The SABC’s television licence fee of R265 has remained unchanged since 2013,” it said.

“The licence fee grew marginally by 27% from 2002 to date – a very small effective increase over a 16-year period.”

“Currently, the SABC TV licence fee amounts to 72c a day.”

TV licence fees remain the second-largest source of revenue for the SABC, therefore there is a need to “rebase the fee and strengthen the collection of this revenue for purposes of funding the public service mandate”, said the SABC.

More increases

The SABC also called for frequent increases of TV licence fees.

“It is recommended that the legislation, policy, and regulations in respect of television licence fees should be amended to cater for annual tariff increase in line with CPI, subject to ministerial approval.”

CPI is the Consumer Price Index, and tracks the rate of change in the prices of goods and services purchased by consumers.

To illustrate its point, the SABC published a table showing the “missed opportunity for more licence revenue” – demonstrated by calculating the price of a TV licence if CPI increases were taken into account in recent years.

TV Licence Fees
Year Actual Price Price with CPI Increase
2002 R208 R231.30
2003 R208 R239.85
2004 R225 R242.97
2005 R225 R253.66
2006 R225 R267.11
2007 R225 R286.34
2008 R225 R323.85
2009 R250 R343.60
2010 R250 R354.60
2011 R250 R374.81
2012 R250 R395.43
2013 R265 R419.15
2014 R265 R443.88
2015 R265 R464.30
2016 R265 R492.62
2017 R265 R517.75
2018 R265 R517.75

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The SABC calculated how much your TV licence fee should be – and it’s way more than what you pay now