Netflix South Africa – What you pay vs what you get

Comparitech has released the results of an investigation into which countries pay the most and the least for Netflix, based on their monthly subscription price and the amount of content available in their region.

The analysis encompassed 78 countries, using information from a number of online sources to determine the availability of content on Netflix in each country examined.

While Netflix customers in the United States have access to the largest number of titles out of all the regions, they do not get the best value for money.

Instead, Canada is actually the country in which consumers pay the least average cost per title available on the platform.

The analysis found a large disparity between countries when comparing the value of a Netflix subscription in each region, with a difference of nearly 100% between the least cost-effective and most cost-effective countries.

Below are the top 10 countries in which a Netflix subscription gives the best value for money.

Subscription pricing in local currencies was converted to US dollars and compared to the number of titles available to reach an average cost per title figure.

Country Library Size Cost (Local) Cost (USD) Average Cost per Title
Canada 5,561 CAD 8.99 $6.90 $0.00124
Colombia 4,188 COP 16,900 $5.33 $0.00127
India 5,255 INR 500 $6.91 $0.00131
Mexico 4,031 MXN 109 $5.33 $0.00132
Brazil 3,944 BRL 19.90 $5.24 $0.00133
Japan 5,256 JPY 800 $7.02 $0.00134
United States 5,839 USD 7.99 $7.99 $0.00137
Australia 5,177 AUD 9.99 $7.21 $0.00139
United Kingdom 5,530 GBP 5.99 $7.80 $0.00141
Pakistan 4,894 PKR 950 $7.14 $0.00146

South Africa vs the world

Compared to countries such as Canada and the United States, South Africa does not have an especially large library of content, with a total of 4,291 titles comprising 2,792 movies and 1,499 TV shows.

South Africa easily has the biggest Netflix library out of all African countries however, and falls well below average in terms of cost per title.

The minimum monthly subscription to access Netflix’s content is R99 per month, resulting in an average cost per title of $0.00160 – or just over R0.02.

While we do not have the cheapest subscription rates or the most content, South Africa fares better than most other countries in terms of value for money.

Below is the average cost per title of South Africa compared with other major countries, including the United States, UK, Kenya, and Denmark.

Country Library Size Cost (Local) Cost (USD) Average Cost per Title
United States 5,839 USD 7.99 $7.99 $0.00137
United Kingdom 5,530 GBP 5.99 $7.80 $0.00141
South Africa 4,291 ZAR 99 $6.85 $0.00160
New Zealand 4,568 NZD 11.49 $7.80 $0.00171
Kenya 4,183 USD 7.99 $7.99 $0.00191
Switzerland 5,600 CHF 11.90 $11.79 $0.00211
United Arab Emirates 2,906 AED 29 $7.89 $0.00272
Denmark 3,305 DKK 79 $11.94 $0.00361

Cheapest countries for Netflix

Comparing just the monthly cost of Netflix, Brazil ranks as the cheapest country in the world to watch Netflix, followed closely by Colombia, Mexico, and Chile.

Following these American countries is South Africa, which places fifth in the list of cheapest countries for Netflix in the world.

However, the yearly cost of Netflix in relation to GDP per capita for South Africa is 1.33% – substantially higher than the four countries which rank above it.

Overall, South African Netflix users are better off than viewers in most other countries, with a subscription cost around 18.5% cheaper than the average and a relatively large library of titles.

Denmark takes the prize for the most expensive country in the world for Netflix at 36.6% more than the average subscription price.

Other expensive countries for Netflix subscriptions include Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, and Ireland.

Netflix library size vs average cost

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Netflix South Africa – What you pay vs what you get