Great news for programmers who like movies and TV shows

MultiChoice Connected Video – the company which oversees MultiChoice’s online platforms – continues to grow, which means it is looking for skilled professionals who can add value to the company.

Spokesperson Richard Boorman told MyBroadband that most technical skills are in demand, and the company is specifically looking for:

  • Software engineers for web and mobile apps
  • Front and back-end developers
  • AI and machine learning specialists
  • UX architects
  • Data scientists

While these skills are highly desirable, the company is also looking for people who share the common interests of MultiChoice Connected Video.

“It may sound daft, but a passion for TV shows and movies is important,” Boorman said.

“It’s our business and we’re looking for people who genuinely share the interest. One of my first interview questions is always ‘What are you watching at the moment?'”

Advice to jobseekers

Boorman advised jobseekers looking to join a large company to find their careers site and figure out how it works.

“The chances they have a relevant job there and then is pretty small, but see if you can sign up for alerts, or set yourself a reminder to go back and check regularly,” he said.

“If you’re not applying for a specific job, it generally won’t help to just send your CV hoping it hits the mark.”

For smaller companies, emailing your CV to a generic “Dear Sir/Madam BCC distribution list” just tells the reader that they can ignore the email.

“Instead, approach people directly. Do your research about that person, their role, their company and their industry,” Boorman said.

“Then write a succinct personalised note that grabs their attention and gives them a reason to read the rest of what you’ve got to say.”

“They may not have a job for you, but maybe they know someone who does. Grammar and spelling are hyper-important – sloppy notes get deleted quickly.”

MultiChoice Connected Video and ShowMax Office

The photos below give you a behind-the-scenes look at the Showmax/MultiChoice Connected Video office.

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Great news for programmers who like movies and TV shows