The high-speed fibre you can buy for the price of DStv

MultiChoice has experienced a steady decline in DStv Premium subscribers over the past few years, even as the company’s overall subscriber base across Africa continues to grow.

This decline was previously attributed to increased competition from Netflix, but the company has now also cited tough economic conditions and affordability as additional factors contributing to the falling number of Premium subscribers.

MultiChoice CFO Tim Jacobs told MyBroadband that the affordability of DStv Premium is a problem, especially when South African consumers are under pressure.

DStv Premium is priced at R809 per month, with consumers also being charged an extra R95 per month to use PVR functionality.

Many South Africans who have DStv subscriptions already have fixed broadband connections, and this makes Netflix and other OTT services a cheaper and more attractive option.

If you are making the choice between DStv and a great Internet connection however, the steadily-dropping price of fibre in South Africa means you can get a great uncapped or capped package from various providers for the same price as a DStv subscription.

A fast fibre connection can facilitate low-latency gaming, quick downloads, and high-quality streams.

We have listed some of the best high-speed fibre packages you can purchase for the price of DStv Premium with PVR functionality below.

DStv Premium

DStv Explora 3A

DStv Premium Prices
DStv Premium R809
DStv Premium + PVR Access Fee R904


Uncapped fibre is becoming increasingly common and less expensive over time, and is great for users who don’t want to worry about data caps when streaming or downloading content.

Many entry-level uncapped fibre packages now also do away with fair usage policies, allowing you to download games and watch Netflix to your heart’s content.

We included uncapped fibre deals from Vumatel, Openserve, and Octotel below to compare packages on various networks.


ISP Network Fair Usage Policy Speed Price pm
Vox Vumatel None 20/2Mbps R785
Supersonic Octotel None 20/5Mbps R795
Vox Openserve None 20/10Mbps R799
Cell C Openserve None 20/10Mbps R799
Cool Ideas Vumatel None 20/2Mbps R809
RSAWEB Octotel None 20/5Mbps R809
Axxess Octotel 200GB 20/5Mbps R816
Afrihost Octotel 200GB 20/5Mbps R817
RSAWEB Vumatel None 20/20Mbps R849
Webafrica Vumatel None 20/2Mbps R859
BitCo Openserve None 20/10Mbps R895


The main advantage of capped DSL products was the lack of shaping or throttling, but this is not as severe a concern for fibre broadband and it shows in the increased adoption of uncapped packages.

Regardless, there are numerous capped packages available for the price of DStv Premium, some of which offer higher speeds than the uncapped options.

Below are some of the best capped fibre packages you can purchase for the same price as DStv Premium.


ISP Network Data Speed Price pm
RSAWEB Openserve 100GB 20/10Mbps R699
Webafrica Openserve 200GB 20/10Mbps R819
Axxess Octotel 50GB 100/25Mbps R849
Afrihost Octotel 200GB 20/5Mbps R857
Vodacom Openserve 300GB 20/10Mbps R860
Afrihost Vumatel 100GB 20/20Mbps R877
MWEB Openserve 200GB 40/20Mbps R879
MWEB Vumatel 200GB 20/20Mbps R879
MWEB Octotel 200GB 100/25Mbps R879
RSAWEB Openserve 200GB 40/20Mbps R899
Vodacom Vumatel 200GB 50/50Mbps R899

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The high-speed fibre you can buy for the price of DStv