Best fibre packages for Netflix in South Africa

Netflix and fibre is a common combination for South Africans.

Fibre is much cheaper than ADSL and offers better speeds, making it ideal for users who want to stream all their entertainment.

We have also already established that you can get Netflix and a fibre package for less than the monthly price of DStv Premium.

Netflix data usage

Streaming services are often very efficient from a bandwidth perspective, and while speed is great for a fibre package, the data cap is more important for Netflix.

Many great fibre packages are now offered as uncapped, which is ideal for Netflix subscribers as it allows them to watch as much as they like.

When it comes to choosing a speed, Netflix recommends the following download speeds for its various resolution levels:

  • 0.5Mbps – Required
  • 1.5Mbps – Recommended
  • 3Mbps – Recommended for SD
  • 5Mbps – Recommended for HD
  • 25Mbps – Recommended for UHD/4K

This means that if you watch Netflix on a Full HD display, you only need a 5Mbps Internet connection to stream your shows – provided that nobody else is using your connection at the same time.

If you have a 4K television, however, you will need a connection speed of 25Mbps.

Uncapped fibre packages

When comparing uncapped fibre packages in the speed brackets outlined by Netflix, we combined the cheapest packages available which would support both HD and 4K quality.

Most ISPs offer packages starting from 8-10Mbps, which will easily support HD viewing.

Many ISPs also offer 20Mbps and 40Mbps packages, which means only the latter would qualify to be sufficient for Ultra HD streaming.

We compared some of the best fibre packages – available on the Openserve network – for streaming Netflix, below.

ISP Download/Upload Price p/m
Afrihost 8Mbps / 5Mbps R399
Axxess 8Mbps / 5Mbps R399
Mind The Speed 10Mbps / 5Mbps R460
Cool Ideas 10Mbps / 5Mbps R499
Vox 10Mbps / 5Mbps R599
RSAWEB 10Mbps / 5Mbps R640
Supersonic 10Mbps / 5Mbps R645
Mind The Speed 40Mbps / 20Mbps R916
Afrihost 40Mbps / 20Mbps R917
Axxess 40Mbps / 20Mbps R935
Supersonic 40Mbps / 20Mbps R955
Vox 40Mbps / 20Mbps R959
RSAWEB 40Mbps / 20Mbps R1,005
Cool Ideas 40Mbps / 20Mbps R1,299

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Best fibre packages for Netflix in South Africa