The most popular Netflix packages in South Africa

Netflix Premium is by far the most popular Netflix package among South Africans.

This was one of the findings of the Netflix 2020 Survey conducted by MyBroadband.

The survey was completed by 1,867 tech-savvy South Africans and provides an excellent overview of the local market.

Most popular Netflix packages

Of those who took part in the survey, 80% said they subscribe to Netflix. Of these users, 53% said they have a Netflix Premium subscription.

35% of the Netflix users said they have a Standard package, while 12% are signed up to the Basic package.

Netflix’s three packages all give users access to the streaming service’s full content library. Where they differ, however, is in terms of the maximum resolution you can stream content in and the number of devices you can watch Netflix on at the same time.

  • Basic (R99 p/m) – Standard Definition streaming and 1 screen.
  • Standard (R139 p/m) – Full HD streaming and 2 screens.
  • Premium (R169 p/m) – UHD streaming and 4 screens.

The graph below details the most popular Netflix packages in South Africa.

Click on the graph below to enlarge it.

Netflix Packages

Why people do not subscribe to Netflix

Survey respondents who do not have Netflix were also asked about why they do not subscribe to the streaming service.

The most popular reasons for people not having Netflix are listed below.

  • My Internet connection at home is not suitable – 27%
  • I cannot afford it – 20%
  • I use someone else’s Netflix subscription – 17%
  • I have DStv and do not need Netflix – 13%
  • I have a different streaming service and do not need Netflix – 13%
  • I do not want Netflix – 5%

Of these respondents who do not have Netflix, however, 51% said they planned to sign up to Netflix in 2020.

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The most popular Netflix packages in South Africa