Netflix Mobile vs Showmax Mobile – The winner is clear

Netflix has launched two new subscription plans which are aimed at mobile device users in South Africa.

These packages are currently being tested and are priced at R39 and R59 each, serving as competition in South Africa to MultiChoice’s Showmax Mobile product.

Showmax Mobile is priced at R49 per month and offers Showmax’s full range of TV series and movies.

With both Netflix and Showmax now offering comparable mobile products, it is worth comparing these services.

Product details

Netflix’s new mobile packages allow users to watch shows and movies at 480p quality on their mobile devices.

These products do not allow subscribers to watch on multiple devices at the same time.

The products differ in that Netflix Mobile does not let you watch content on your laptop, while Netflix Mobile+ does.

Showmax Mobile does not let you watch on a computer or laptop, and is locked to a single registered device.

Users can, as is the case with the Netflix Mobile products, stream in a maximum of 480p quality.

Netflix Mobile plans Netflix Mobile Netflix Mobile+ Showmax Mobile
Resolution 480p 480p 480p
Watch on your TV No No No
Watch on your smartphone or tablet Yes Yes Yes
Watch on your laptop No Yes No
Simultaneous streams 1 1 1
Multiple registered devices Yes Yes No
Price per month R39 R59 R49

Netflix Mobile is cheaper with more shows

In terms of features, Showmax Mobile is more comparable to Netflix Mobile than Netflix Mobile+.

This is because the latter offers support for streaming on a laptop as its differentiating factor – something that Showmax Mobile does not offer.

Therefore, it is apparent that Netflix Mobile is much cheaper than Showmax Mobile.

Netflix’s content library in South Africa is also much larger than Showmax’s selection of shows, according to JustWatch.

Showmax has a total of 1,495 shows, comprising 1,025 movies and 470 series, while Netflix has 5,314 shows that include 3,558 movies and 1,756 series.

Based on this content and pricing difference, Netflix Mobile is the clear winner in terms of value.

However, the monthly subscription price is not the only cost users will face.

Data usage compared

They will also have to pay for data, and customers should consider this before picking their package.

MyBroadband previously tested the data usage of Showmax and Netflix by streaming two episodes of the same series on both platforms and measuring the data usage.

Showmax’s Bandwidth Capping setting was on “Low” while Netflix’s consumption was set to automatic cellular data usage.

There was little noticeable difference in the quality of these streams, which means this will have little effect on your purchasing decision.

While the price of data is an additional consideration, this article shows that the best data deals for streaming cost the same.

The data usage of these services was as follows:

Episode Netflix Showmax
Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Episode 1 (22 minutes) 87.3MB 103MB
Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Episode 2 (21 minutes) 80.7MB 93.7MB

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Netflix Mobile vs Showmax Mobile – The winner is clear