All the streaming services you can get for the price of DStv Premium

DStv recently announced it would be increasing the price of its Premium package to R829 per month in 2021.

While this represented only slightly more than a 1% increase over the previous year’s fee, the broadcaster has come under fire from South Africans and analysts alike for being out of touch with the needs of its customers.

The rise in fibre connectivity and more affordable data prices have resulted in a gradual shift towards video-on-demand (VOD) services, with the migration of DStv customers in tow.

MyBroadband recently showed that for this new price it is possible to subscribe to two of the world’s most popular streaming services – Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, and get a 25Mbps uncapped fibre connection to support a seamless viewing experience.

Despite lacking the sports which are available only on DStv’s SuperSport channels, streaming services like these generally better entertainment value for South African wallets.

There are currently seven major streaming services officially available in South Africa, which are:

  • Acorn TV
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Apple TV+
  • Netflix
  • Showmax
  • Video Play
  • VIU

All of them are much cheaper than DStv Premium, with the most popular and expensive being Netflix at R139 on a Standard Plan.

This gets you up to two concurrent streams in 1080p in HD video quality, which is already better than the 1080i on DStv’s satellite broadcasting.

With the exception of Amazon Prime Video, all of these services are offered with localised pricing.

We looked at how many of these services one would be able to buy for the same price as a monthly DStv Premium subscription.

For a fair comparison, we included the minimum broadband Internet package which would be required to use them liberally – an uncapped 10Mbps fibre package.

Streaming plus broadband

At the time of publication, the cheapest fibre option generally available in South Africa was a 10Mbps/10Mbps line with Webafrica on the Openserve network at R499 per month.

If you opt for this package, you could select at least three streaming services available in South Africa, or even up to four when using the cheapest options, before coming close to the R829 monthly fee of DStv Premium.

Basically, you could take Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in addition to a third streaming service.

For example, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and even MultiChoice’s own Showmax would set you back no more than R328 per month, assuming the rand stays around R15 to the dollar.

Combined with the fibre cost, that would amount to a total of R827 per month.

The table below shows several combinations of packages you could take for the price of a DStv Premium subscription.

Broadband and streaming services for the price of DStv Premium
Option Netflix Amazon

Acorn TV
Total cost
for 10Mpbs fibre
1 Y Y Y N N N N R827
2 Y Y N Y N N N R813
3 Y N N Y Y N N R802
4 N Y Y Y N N N R773
5 N Y N N Y Y N R767
6 N N Y N Y N Y R776
7 N N N Y Y Y N R762
8 Y N Y N Y N N R816
9 Y N N N N Y Y R806
10 N Y N Y Y N Y R822

Without the broadband

The calculation would look significantly different if you consider your Internet expenses as a separate cost that would form part of your budget regardless if you have DStv or not.

With R829 to spend, you could effectively subscribe to all the streaming services officially available in South Africa and still have change to spare.

Combined, they would cost you R660, which is R169 less than a DStv Premium subscription.

The table below shows the cost of subscribing to each of the streaming services compared to the cost of DStv Premium per month.

Streaming services vs DStv Premium
Service Monthly Price DStv Premium
Netflix R139
Amazon Prime Video R90*
Showmax R99
Apple TV+ R85
Acorn TV R79
Video Play R99
Total Monthly Price R660 R829

*Dollar-based price of $5.99. Rand value can change due to exchange rate fluctuations. 

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All the streaming services you can get for the price of DStv Premium