Beware fake DStv premium upgrades and “final notice” messages

DStv has warned customers of a surge in the number of scams related to the satellite and Internet broadcasting service.

“There’s been a surge in the number of scams targeting our DStv customers in recent weeks,” the company said on its blog.

“Scammers use various tactics to either defraud customers of their money or to get customers’ personal information.”

To help customers be aware of the myriad scams targeting them in South Africa, DStv explained a number of common scams related to its broadcasting service.

These are summarised below.

Phishing or gift cards

In this scam, DStv customers receive an email informing them that they have won a cash gift card or huge sums of prize money from a MultiChoice competition.

Alternately, they may be told they have won a huge sum of money for being a loyal DStv customer.

The email then asks the customer to provide their personal details in order to claim the prize.

There is no prize, however, and the customer is being tricked into giving away sensitive information that may be used to defraud them.

Final notice SMS scam

Some DStv customers have received an SMS claiming to be from DStv demanding payment for a DStv Explora account. The message threatens action if payment is not made on that day and includes banking details.

“This SMS is not from DStv,” the company said. “Please do NOT make payment into any bank account or through any link supplied.”

“Remember, you can check your account at any time using one of our self-service platforms including our website, our DStv app, or WhatsApp (0600603788).”

Even if the message looks legitimate, it is best to contact a confirmed DStv number directly to verify SMS communication before acting on it.

Fake premium upgrades

This scam has been circulating in South Africa for years, but it remains popular amongst local scammers.

It sees the scammer approach a DStv customer offering them an upgrade to a DStv Premium bouquet.

“They offer DStv Premium for a fixed once-off fee per year where the customer pays the fee directly to the scammer,” DStv said.

“Please be aware that you can upgrade your DStv account online at any time, do not believe anyone claiming to upgrade your account on your behalf.”

Installation scam

Scammers posing as DStv accredited installers are also offering customers unrealistic DStv services like free package upgrades or free DStv for life for a minimal once-off fee.

“DStv offers six subscription packages that you can choose from,” the company told customers.

“If someone offers you a discounted DStv subscription at a once-off payment, treat this with suspicion and check it with us.”

To check if someone is a DStv accredited installer, you can ask them for their DStv ID card, which specifies their qualification as well as the accredited company they work for.

You can also check on the DStv website.

Recruiting for MultiChoice

DStv also noted that there are dangerous scams on social media disguised as recruitment ads for MultiChoice.

“One of our suppliers who recruits on our behalf, Afrizan, does use Facebook and Twitter to advertise roles,” it said.

“Every advert has a reference number which can be verified against opportunities posted to the Afrizan website.”

“Please note that neither MultiChoice nor its suppliers will ever offer to drive you to an interview,” the company added. “Please be vigilant.”

If you are interested in working for MultiChoice, the company advises that you can look for opportunities on the careers page on its website.

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Beware fake DStv premium upgrades and “final notice” messages