Biggest TVs you can buy in South Africa

The 10 biggest home displays generally available in South Africa range between 82 and 120 inches and are priced from R19,999 to R699,000.

A high-quality big screen TV can offer an incredible viewing experience for watching movies, TV shows, and sports.

While the initial investment might be expensive, a properly-sized display can save you plenty of trips to the cinema, paying itself back over time.

The world’s two leading TV manufacturers, Samsung and LG, have launched modular TVs that can be scaled to enormous sizes that make for the perfect home cinema.

Samsung’s The Wall and LG’s DVLED Extreme Home Cinema offer up to 292 or 393 inches, respectively.

However, these monumental displays are only available on special orders, and it’s unlikely they would ship to South Africa at a cost that would put it within reach of most affluent households.

We’ve assembled a list of the top 10 biggest TVs generally available in South Africa.

For a cinema-like TV experience, buyers will have to be satisfied with a maximum of 120 inches, available on the largest Hisense Laser TV model priced at R79,999 from Kloppers.

Unlike a conventional TV, Hisense Laser TVs consist of an advanced short-throw projector that produces images onto an ambient light rejection screen.

The technology behind this is worlds away from the traditional projectors you find in office boardrooms and classrooms, which are notoriously bad at handling bright light.

It can also be placed only a few centimetres from the screen; meaning setup is much easier.

When it comes to proper self-emitting TV displays, your largest option is the Samsung 98-inch Q900R 8K TV.

Unfortunately, you will be paying nearly ten times as much for this display, despite the smaller size.

At R699,000 from, it is the most expensive TV generally available in South Africa right now.

One notable advantage it has over the Hisense Laser TV range, however, is 8K resolution. That means it’s got four times more pixels and, therefore, a sharper image.

Of the remaining TVs in our top 10, most offer 4K resolution, with one other Samsung QLED model boasting 8K.

Aside from more Samsung and Hisense models, there were also units from LG, Sony, Skyworth, and Sansui.

Notably, the latter offers the cheapest model of the bunch — an 85-inch 4K Smart TV — priced at R19,999 from HiFi Corp.

Below are 10 of the biggest TVs you can buy online in South Africa right now.

Hisense 120-inch 4K Laser TV – R79,999

Hisense 100-inch 4K Laser TV – R59,999

Samsung 98-inch Q900R 8K QLED – R699,000

Hisense 88-inch 4K Laser TV – R39,999

Skyworth 86-inch 4K Android TV – R34,999

Hisense 85-inch 4K Smart TV – R27,999

Sony 85-inch 4K Android TV – R49,995

Samsung 85-inch QN900A 8K QLED TV – R159,999

Samsung 85-inch 4K QLED TV – R39,999

LG 82-inch 4K ThinQ TV – R34,999

Sansui 82-inch 4K Smart TV – R19,999

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Biggest TVs you can buy in South Africa