DStv SuperSport vs the world — price comparison to stream T20 Cricket World Cup

The T20 Cricket World Cup 2021 is currently underway. While South Africans need a subscription to DStv Premium to enjoy the games, cricket lovers in India have a much cheaper option.

A MyBroadband comparison shows that services like Disney+ Hotstar in India and ESPN+ offer far more affordable ways for sports fans who fall within their service regions to watch the T20 Cricket World Cup.

South Africans are increasingly unsubscribing from DStv Premium, and could access these international geographically restricted services using a VPN or “Smart DNS” service.

However, it should be noted that bypassing geoblocks in this way is frowned upon by the video entertainment industry — to the point that it is considered a form of “streaming piracy“.

Broadcasters like MultiChoice pay substantial sums of money for exclusive regional sports broadcasting rights, and therefore have a vested interest in defending their rights.

VPN services provide clients with a means of hiding their IP addresses and offer a level of anonymity for their browsing and streaming activity.

They do this by routing your Internet traffic through one of its servers — situated in different regions of the world — to make it seem like the VPN is the source of your online activity.

There are free VPN services available, which are limited, and it is recommended that those wishing to watch international streaming services sign up for a premium VPN.

Smart DNS is a technology that hides your actual location by routing your Domain Name Server (DNS) requests to a server in a different country.

It is also important to note that some international streaming services may require a credit card linked to the region for you to subscribe.

This allows you to bypass geographic restrictions that prevent you from accessing online content locked in your region.

The comparison below was compiled for informational purposes, to see how the price of DStv Premium compares to overseas platforms streaming the T20 Cricket World Cup.

It also provides an idea of what DStv Premium is competing against internationally.

Cricket streaming services
Streaming Service Monthly Cost Price with cheapest VPN Price with cheapest smart DNS
Disney+ Hotstar R15 (R180 per year) R162 R74
ESPN+ R105 R252 R164
SlingTV + WillowTV R226 R373 R285
DStv Premium R699* No VPN or smart DNS needed
Sky Sports R850 R997 R909
* DStv Premium price is promotional until 14 January 2022. Streaming only, not satellite.
VPN Pricing
VPN Monthly Cost Device Connections
ExpressVPN R192 5
NordVPN R177 6
SurfShark R192 Unlimited
PureVPN R162 5
Private Internet Access R147 10
Smart DNS Pricing
Smart DNS Provider Monthly Cost Channels/Services Unblocked
Smart DNS Proxy R74 410
Getflix R59 320
Trickbyte R75 255
uFlix R75 242
Unlocator R75 150

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DStv SuperSport vs the world — price comparison to stream T20 Cricket World Cup