Built-in DStv decoders in TVs: Samsung backtracks

Samsung South Africa has backtracked on its recent announcement that it would integrate DStv decoders into TVs it sells in Africa.

Representatives from MultiChoice and Samsung took to the stage at the 2013 Samsung Africa Forum on 13 March 2013 to sign a memorandum of understanding.

In the official press release put out by Samsung it said that two companies were entering into a “strategic partnership”.

This partnership would “promote co-operation across marketing, Smart TV applications, product development and other areas, with the aim of delivering a combination of content and leading technology products and services to the African market.”

Samsung TV with DStv decoders announcement
Samsung TV with DStv decoders announcement

However, during the proceedings the official Samsung South Africa Twitter account posted: “Our new Content TVs will have @DSTV decoder’s [sic] built-in”.

At the time of the initial reporting on this, the tweet was still in Samsung’s timeline and no explicit clarification had been posted.

Instead Samsung posted the following message the next day: “The @DSTV decoder solution is an innovation we have researched and will [sic] would like to bring to you in the future”.

Samsung-DStv follow-up Tweet
Samsung-DStv follow-up Tweet

After the conclusion of the 2013 Samsung Africa World event, a spokesperson for Samsung SA explained that there is no commitment between MultiChoice and Samsung to build DStv decoders into TVs.

Rather the agreement is that “all parties shall investigate in good faith the feasibility of such opportunities.”

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Built-in DStv decoders in TVs: Samsung backtracks