Average salaries of IT jobs in South Africa

PayScale has updated its salary data for South Africa for 2018, with details on what IT positions pay in the country.

PayScale hosts a database of job salaries based on data profiles of positions in the market.

Job descriptions, job satisfaction, job demographics, common job skills, and information on university degrees is also available on the site.

This is in addition to how pay varies over time and between geographic locations.

“PayScale’s salary data is based on reported information by over 270,000 South African employees with up to nine years working experience, updated as of January 2018,” stated the website.

IT jobs

The table below details the median salaries of popular positions in the ICT field, based on PayScale’s information.

The salary ranges of the positions has also been included to provide a picture of potential earnings.

SA IT Jobs
Position Median Salary Salary Range
PC / Network Support Technician R115,782 R54,563 – R236,114
Desktop Support Technician R122,403 R65,954 – R238,317
Web Developer R168,348 R71,083 – R349,620
IT Support Specialist R176,865 R84,354 – R406,799
Database Administrator (DBA) R176,920 R72,397 – R440,038
Network Administrator R197,427 R96,596 – R366,571
Systems Administrator R206,688 R100,791 – R376,809
IT Consultant R234,008 R101,401 – R616,719
Network Engineer R239,640 R111,668 – R503,268
PHP Developer R240,291 R118,719 – R442,645
C# Developer R244,881 R119,358 – R506,168
.NET Software Developer R264,900 R116,141 – R534,007
Software Developer R268,339 R120,133 – R505,009
Systems Engineer R268,773 R145,276 – R490,326
Java Developer R303,882 R135,592 – R582,045
Software Engineer R327,395 R175,706 – R594,224
SAP Consultant R342,443 R147,114 – R768,867
Business Analyst, IT R349,973 R193,903 – R597,330
IT Manager R415,491 R176,806 – R764,454
Project Manager, IT R418,131 R183,820 – R754,970
Senior Systems Engineer R423,680 R232,916 – R889,718
Senior Software Engineer R512,787 R311,321 – R784,916
Senior Project Manager, IT R720,061 R460,630 – R1,000,704

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Average salaries of IT jobs in South Africa